Aerotoxic Syndrome: Aviation's Darkest Secret [front cover]

Aerotoxic Syndrome: 

Aviation’s Darkest Secret

Decide which is the greater scandal – the poisoning or the cover up

Aerotoxic Syndrome in 2:03

fume event detection bubbles3Infographics

Aerotoxic issues made easy through simple infographics.

A visible fume event

John profileThe Aerotoxic Blog

Commentary on aviation’s darkest secret by the Chairman & expert guests.

    Our Objectives

  • Support for sufferers of Aerotoxic Syndrome;
  • Informing the public of the harm associated with poor aircraft Cabin Air Quality and the causative link to Aerotoxic Syndrome;
  • The publication of balanced, factual information related to Cabin Air Quality;
  • To work with industry and regulators to demand the implementation of known and available solutions.

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