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Welcome to the Aerotoxic Association

The Aerotoxic Association was founded on 18th June 2007 at the Houses of Parliament, London, UK by a group of aircrew whose careers had ended prematurely due to Aerotoxic Syndrome, and we now want to help similarly affected aircrew and passengers.

Our Objectives

  • Support for sufferers of Aerotoxic Syndrome;
  • Informing the public of the harm associated with poor aircraft Cabin Air Quality and the causative link to Aerotoxic Syndrome;
  • The publication of balanced, factual information related to Cabin Air Quality;
  • To work with industry and regulators to demand the implementation of known and available solutions.

Recent Posts

  • GCAQE Cabin Air Quality (CAQ) Brochure

    GCAQE Cabin Air Quality (CAQ) Brochure

    The Global Cabin Air Quality Executive (GCAQE) established in 2006 is the lead organisation internationally focussed on addressing the issue of bleed air contamination. There is extensive data complied over the last 60 years…
  • FREE tickets to LONDON FILM FESTIVAL screening of ‘A Dark Reflection’

    FREE tickets to LONDON FILM FESTIVAL screening of ‘A Dark Reflection’

    Aerotoxic thriller A Dark Reflection ( will be shown this WEDNESDAY 19th November 2014, 1410 at THE LONDON FILM FESTIVAL, ELECTRIC CINEMA, SHOREDITCH, LONDON E2 7DP, UK. A limited number of FREE…
  • Does Margarine Cause Divorce?

    Does Margarine Cause Divorce?

    Question: Does the consumption of margarine cause divorce in the U.S. state of Maine? Answer: No, of course it doesn’t, and yet at the end of Professor Bagshaw’s presentation on Cabin Air…
  • Aerotoxic Membership

    Aerotoxic Membership

    This week, we launched our membership scheme. For £25 / $40 / €32 a year, we give people: · The chance to contact specialist health and aviation industry professionals – doctors and…
  • IATA health conference 2014 – presentations

    IATA health conference 2014 – presentations

    Presentations from the International Air Transport Association 2014 Health Conference, including from the UK Committee on Toxicity and Dutch airline KLM. Aircraft Cabin Air Quality: What has happened to the CEN &…