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People affected daily but almost all do not know they have been affected they just think it's jetlag or something they 'picked up' on the plane
Years the industry has known about this
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The Aerotoxic Association was founded on 18th June 2007 at the Houses of Parliament, London, UK by a group of aircrew whose careers had ended prematurely due to Aerotoxic Syndrome, and we now want to help similarly affected aircrew and passengers.

Our Objectives
  • Support for sufferers of Aerotoxic Syndrome;
  • Informing the public of the harm associated with poor aircraft Cabin Air Quality and the causative link to Aerotoxic Syndrome;
  • The publication of balanced, factual information related to Cabin Air Quality;
  • To work with industry and regulators to demand the implementation of known and available solutions.
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We are International. We are The Global Aerotoxic Team. Our Goal: Toxic-free Air for All on board Aircraft!

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