A Letter from John Hoyte, Founder of Aerotoxic Association

10th Anniversary of Aerotoxic Association


I founded the Aerotoxic Association Ltd at the Houses of Parliament, London on 18th June 2007.

Like countless others, as a former BAe 146 pilot I experienced serious ill health from 1990 to around 2007 during which time I was only flying the BAe 146.

In early 2006 27 BALPA (British Airline Pilots Association) pilots were tested by University College London and all 27 or 100% showed evidence of toxic poisoning and reduced cognitive function – I was one of those pilots.

The UCL testing was organised by Captain Tristan Loraine of BALPA at the time.

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I made a Statement on 22nd May 2006 to the effect that I had been poisoned and was made aware of ‘Aerotoxic Syndrome’ in June 2006.

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The term Aerotoxic Syndrome was first recorded by scientists from the US, France and Australia in 1999.

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I realised then that many of my aircrew colleagues were also seriously ill, but passengers are also exposed to the same contaminated air. Again UCL research in 2006 predicted:
‘If a modest passenger number of 100 per flight is assumed, over 196,000 passengers (a year) could potentially present to general physicians with symptoms of acute toxicity.’

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I decided to set up the Aerotoxic Association  (www.aerotoxic.org) as a matter of public duty to assist other members of the public work out the cause of their mysterious ill health in the public interest.

The past 10 years have been difficult as it continues to be hard living with an undiagnosed and unrecognised brain injury, whilst looking normal and aircrew descriptions of being like ‘zombies’, ‘vegetable state’ and ‘intoxicated’ are ignored by doctors whilst the legal and medical processes, which everyone else takes for granted, are unavailable to both Aerotoxic aircrew or passengers.

The present view of the UK government is that there is ‘no positive evidence’ of Aerotoxic Syndrome.

So how to mark 10 years – with evidence?

1. We will begin by watching a 90 minute documentary film – ‘Welcome aboard Toxic Airlines’ which was produced in 2007 and will be shown in public today and offered as evidence. It has also been made freely available on the internet for public education.


2. Next a 20 minute break for some drinks and snacks.

3. I would then like to show a BBC Panorama from 2008 ‘Something in the air?’ which contains a BAe 146 pilot and BALPA Trustee Capt Julian Soddy reporting evidence of oil fumes in BAe 146’s on the ground.


4. We will then stage a visible fume event on the ground in the BAe 146 simulator @ 1.46pm using harmless white smoke – the authorities are STILL unwilling to publish the concentrations of toxic oil fumes in a fume event after 10 years. How do they get away with the scam, as it has parallels with the VW emission scandal.

Furthermore, it would appear that exposure to oil smoke in the confined space of a jet airliner is harmless, whereas exposure to tobacco smoke was decreed to be deadly – in 2007.

All testing to date by the regulators has identified toxic chemicals in so called ‘normal cabin air’ but still the concentrations of toxic chemicals in an oil fume event have not been published for the use of scientists, doctors and the public Courts. Hence the simulated visible oil fume event today in a BAe 146 which was experienced virtually daily on the ground and repeatedly reported to Parliament and the regulators by aircrew from 2007 onwards.

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We will show the public how easy it would be to stage a simulated fume event on the ground!

5. As we all live in a democracy where freedom of speech rules and we all have a public duty to not obstruct justice – I have decided to run a £1000 prize writing competition which is based on a 2015 US fume event legal case and associated other evidence from the past 60 years.

The winner will be selected and announced at the London international Cabin Air conference which is due to be opened by Cmdr. Jim Lovell of Apollo 13 fame on 19/20 September 2017.

Competition here

Cabin Air Conference flyer here

6. I would also like to hold a minute’s silence to remember pilot Richard Westgate – perhaps the Aerotoxic Association’s most famous contact and all other aerotoxic sufferers, who suffer in a deadly silence.

7. We will finish by watching a 15 minute hard hitting Australian 60 minutes report from 2013 Toxic Flyer – which shows Professor Bagshaw explaining his medical opinion of Aerotoxic Syndrome – perhaps he will change his mind when he reads a paper published by the World Health Organisation of Monday 12th June 2017 – Aerotoxic Syndrome – a new occupational disease? New?

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In conclusion, all we expect is open public debate, justice from public Courts specifically for the children and infants who are also being injured and have no legal representation and the urgent introduction of the known solutions such as poison detectors in all bleed air jet aircraft.

The last 10 years have been a lonely journey running a not-for-profit Association helping countless others out of principle only and if there is any public help for a public health issue – now would be a great time to make yourself known.

Thank you.
John Hoyte
Chairman Aerotoxic Association
Former BAe 146 Training Captain


18th June 2017