IATA Aviation Health Conference – Tickets: $1234.54

The Aviation Health Conference 2014 is taking place on the 23rd and 24th September 2014 Chaired by Claude Thibeault, Medical Advisor, IATA […] 15:30 – CABIN AIR QUALITY: THE COT INVOLMENT AND FINDINGS Prof. David Coggon, Prof. Occupational and Environmental Medicine, University of Southampton, and Chairman COT Read the IATA conference programme here. Read the…

GCAQE PRESS RELEASE: Only the Boeing 787 provides passengers and crews with clean breathing air

PRESS RELEASE Tuesday 19 August 2014 Immediate Release The Global Cabin Air Quality Executive (GCAQE) represents more than 800,000 airline staff and consumers and congratulates the Boeing Aircraft Company for designing the Boeing 787 so it can provide clean breathing air to passengers and crews. For over 50 years, all commercial jet aircraft have used the flawed practice of supplying…

Consumer Group (HolidayTravelWatch) calls for action following Aircraft Fume Event

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HolidayTravelWatch has received a second report from holidaymakers about a serious aircraft cabin smoke/fume event on-board a BHAir Airbus A320 aircraft. This follows on from our earlier press release detailing the experiences of 15 air passengers on-board another BHAir flight on a flight from Bourgas Airport in Bulgaria to Manchester on 13 June 2014.

The most recent complaint involves a flight from Bourgas Airport to Manchester on 14 June 2014 on Flight Number BGH5529; complaints include:

Read the full press-release here.

Is Your Airline Poisoning You? – Bloomberg View

By Adam Minter Can airplane cabin air kill? The question has nagged at airplane manufacturers, crew and passengers ever since the jet age shut us into pressurized metal tubes. As far back as 1955, aviation engineers worried about contaminated air in plane cabins, and in 2009, Boeing settled a lawsuit brought by an American Airlines…