Pilot Study – Private Eye

A MONTH after a new scientific study showed that poisoning from toxic aircraft fumes led to the death in 2012 of BA pilot Richard Westgate (see Eye 1333), the Eye has learned that provisional postmortem findings involving a cabin crew member have found similar evidence of organophosphate neurotoxicity

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Cabin air: a poisoned pilot – aero.de

LONDON – In a 2009 enclosed method to damages for a flight attendant from American Airlines Boeing insisted on finding “cabin air can be safely inhaled”. For some time now the doubt on this thesis increase – scientific proof that they clearly refuted, however, is also missing. The theme contaminated cabin air accompanied the industry…

Organophosphate Poisoning – Patient.co.uk

The organophosphate (OP) pesticides inhibit acetylcholinesterase. Hence acetylcholine accumulates at nerve synapses and neuromuscular junctions, stimulating muscarinic and nicotinic receptors and the central nervous system.They are used as pesticides but can also be used as ‘nerve gas’. This is prohibited under the Geneva Convention but could be used by terrorists or rogue regimes. Read the…