Flight 313: The Conspiracy Trailer

Flight 313 The Conspiracy Trailer

When an air traffic controller is suspended following a serious in-flight incident, his journalist wife Helen (Georgina Sutcliffe, Age of Heroes) suspects that there’s a deeper angle to the story. She embarks on an investigative journey that reveals a disturbing succession of cover-ups regarding air quality on flights dating back to 1954.

It releases on 13 December in the USA and Canada as: ‘Flight 313: the Conspiracy” on Video On Demand.

Released by Monarch Entertainment, said to be one of the oldest independent distributors of home video product in the USA.


DVD releases on 24 January 2017. People can pre-order now at:


Flight 313: The Conspiracy is also available to watch for free with an Amazon Prime subscription. Amazon Prime 30 day free trials are also available.