Q. To ask Her Majesty’s Government what published scientific data there are regarding the risks to the unborn child of inhaling heated pyrolysed synthetic jet engine fumes – 23rd July 2015. Read the Government answer.


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Q. What are the concentrations of organophosphates in a visible oil fume event in a passenger jet?

Countess Mar: To ask Her Majesty’s Government, further to the Written Answer by Lord Ahmad of Wimbledon on 8 July (HL831), whether, during the Cranfield Study, any reliable information on the concentration of organophosphates specifically during a visible fume event when the interior of an aircraft is filled with smoke was collected; and if not,…

Kontaminierte Kabinenluft – Vereinigung Cockpit – 13th July 2015

  Neuer Dokumenarfilm “ungefiltert eingeatmet” ab diese Woche im Kino – VC fordert schadstofffreie Atmenluft in der Flugzeugkabine – neues Video bei Youtube Schon seit Jahren fordert die Vereinigung Cockpit, dass die Luft an Bord von Flugzeugen absolut frei von jeglichen giftigen Rückständen sein muss. Besonders Ölrückstände haben in der Atemluft an Bord nichts verloren…