The self-reported health of U.S. flight attendants compared to the general population

BACKGROUND Few studies have examined the broad health effects of occupational exposures in flight attendants apart from disease-specific morbidity and mortality studies. We describe the health status of flight attendants and compare it to the U.S. population. In addition, we explore whether the prevalence of major health conditions in flight attendants is associated with length…

UPDATE: Fume Event – Condor B753 near Las Palmas

First reported: Suspected toxic fumes: oil stench burdened Canaries vacationers in Condor jet Update: On Mar 18th 2014 the CIAIAC released an interim statement stating: “In April 2013 the health of one of the flight attendants who had been onboard during the flight of 22 March 2013 worsened, requiring hospitalization. The symptoms presented were overall…

Cholinesterase Kit for Field Diagnosis of Organophosphate Exposure

The now available CE certified test system provides a laboratory tool for the rapid and precise determination
of AChE and BChE activities in whole blood in medical installations and mobile forces and may broaden the diagnostic capabilities
of the Bundeswehr medical service, especially during deployed field operations, in case of suspected exposure
to OP.

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