The following documents provide useful information about Aerotoxic Syndrome, symptoms and treatments. It will also be worthwhile passing them on to your doctor, who may not have heard of this illness.

The information on this website is not intended to, and does not in anyway, constitute medical advice. The material is provided for information purposes only and is based upon the authors’ personal experiences or point of view. For medical advice please consult a qualified medical professional.


Medical Contacts & Laboratories

Contact details of healthcare professionals with specialist knowledge of Aerotoxic Syndrome in Australia, Germany, Switzerland, UK and USA.

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Multiple chemical sensitivity: A disease caused by toxic chemical exposure

Breakthrough study on Multiple Chemical Sensitivity shows MCS is an epidemic caused by toxic chemicals; peer-reviewed papers are published in prestigious toxicology reference work.


Drugs v OPs

A look at which medication drugs might have dangerous side affects for people with organophosphate poisoning.


Dental amalgam and synergistic effects of neurotoxins

A discussion of the effects of mercury from dental amalgams and how it can react synergistically with other neurotoxins in the body.


Breakspear Medical Group

The Breakspear Medical Group in Hemel Hempstead, UK are specialists in treating Aerotoxic Syndrome. Dr Petru Julu offers neurological tests and the centre can also offer other tests specific to the illness.


Health Impact of exposure to contaminated air supply on commercial aircraft

Quick reference guide for health care providers. From the Occupational Health Research Consortium in Aviation (OHRCA) website. Information about how to protect yourself here


Discover how far infrared treatment can help pilots, cabin crew and passengers to detoxify and restore good health

Get FITT Ltd discusses the effects of toxic overload on the body caused by contaminated cabin air and explains their Far Infrared Thermal Treatment systems.


Dr Sarah Myhill – Aerotoxic Syndrome

Dr Myhill is the Aerotoxic Association’s medical advisor and an expert on organophosphate poisoning. She has worked extensively with sheep farmers exposed to OPs using sheep dip. Her briefing sheet contains information on symptoms, effects, tests and treatments. This document may also be useful for your doctor.

Dr Sarah Myhill – Aerotoxic Syndrome

Dr Sarah Myhill – Information on organophosphate poisoning and detoxing regimes

Aerotoxic Association medical advisor Dr Sarah Myhill offers her insight into organophosphate (OP) poisoning and treatments for detoxing. The text is from a newsletter to the organophosphate users support (OPUS) group.

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Treatment Options

Symptoms resulting from exposure to toxic chemicals can vary and there are a wide range of treatment options. This briefing sheet lists all the treatments sufferers have tried. You can use it to help in the discussion about the way forward.


M. Abou-Donia – Professor of Pharmacology and Cancer Biology

The overall research program in his laboratory is directed toward understanding the basic mechanisms by which chemicals adversely affect the nervous system. This should lead to a better assessment of acute and chronic neurotoxicities and the development of drugs to prevent or treat them. We are primarily concerned with neurotoxicants that produce Wallerian-type degeneration of the axon and myelin of the central and peripheral nervous systemsRead more…


Practical Guidance for Pilots with Aerotoxic Syndrome

A look at Aerotoxic Sydrome symptoms which may be of interest to all aircrew and passengers. A discussion of implications on career options will be of particular interest to pilots.

Practical Guidance: A few thoughts for the assistance of exposed pilots


Exposure to Bleed Air Contaminants Among Airline Workers – A Guide for Health Care Providers

Funded by the Federal Aviation Administration Office of Aviation Medicine. April 2009 version.
Exposure to Bleed Air Contaminants Among Airline Workers – A Guide for Health Care Providers

Contact Dr Robert Harrison, one of the authors


Aerotoxic Syndrome – Introduction for GPs

It may help your doctor to have some idea of the condition you’re seeking help for. If you have a limited time for your first consultation, this letter may help put your doctor in the picture.

Aerotoxic Syndrome introduction for GPs