“Exploited, exploited” // “Ausgenutzt Ausgebeutet” – Aviation industry goes against the mission of journalist Tim Van Beveren

“Nerve poison in the plane,” a controversial subject, but not about the aviation industry goes against the mission of the series “The Story” tonight on ARD before. Three letters came from a lawyer involved in the production, including the de facto lead author of the documentary, Tim van Beveren. Original German: “Ausgenutzt, ausgebeutet”    English translation:…

Proposed Test Plans for a Study of Bleed Air Quality in Commercial Airliners


The Airliner Cabin Environment Research (ACER) Program of the National Air Transportation Center of Excellence for Research in the Intermodal Transport Environment (RITE) has developed two research plans for an extensive study of bleed air incidents on aircraft operating in the United States.

Read the full report: Proposed Test Plans – Section 320