Aerotoxic – Commercial Airlines’ ‘Dirty Little Secret’

The Richard Westgate Memorial Open Prize Writing Competition 


For over 60 years and in particular, the last 16 years professional aircrew, passengers and writers have tried to communicate the danger of human exposure by toxic oil fumes in confined spaces; however since the confined spaces are inconveniently jet airliner cabins – there is still, officially, ‘no evidence of any human ill health …’

Evidence from The UK Guardian 2006: read article

  • Are you an exceptional communicator looking for a challenging project?
  • Can you summarise a six-decade-old health cover-up and persuade others to introduce a known solution?
  • Do you have the social conscience to expose a hidden cause of ill health to the public and win a £1000 cash prize?

This prize writing competition involves précising a key public manuscript down to an Executive Summary which, when published by the Aerotoxic Association will be used to persuade politicians, scientists, doctors and members of the public about a hidden, taboo H&S issue and most importantly, the urgent introduction of a known technical solution – organophosphate detectors in so-called ‘modern’ jet airliners.

Here are the conditions:

The key manuscript is an April 2016 US public Court paper: read document

Resources include the following evidence, which should be consulted and fully researched before undertaking the project.

  1. RMontmayeur Testimony   
  2. Theresa Villiers Press Release
  3. Key Documents
  4. B767 Flight Number 120 Aerotoxic Poisoning


  1. Something in the Air
  2. Toxic Flyer
  3. Airtravel can damage your health

The length of the Executive Summary is at the writer’s discretion, however to catch people’s attention an upper limit of 1000 words is suggested. This does not include any links that the writer uses.

The Executive Summary should be ready for publication soon after 31st August 2017 and must be written in layperson’s English, although it is open to all international writers.

Copyright and all other intellectual property rights in the Executive Summary will belong to the Aerotoxic Association Limited and it will be published by the Aerotoxic Association Limited on the internet and in other media. The Aerotoxic Association reserves the right to alter the Executive Summary before publication. We are committed to protecting your privacy. We promise to keep all your contact details that you share with us confidential, unless you give us permission to put your name to the Executive Summary. We will not share your contact information with any outside parties.

The Executive Summary must persuade any ordinary member of the public that they too could be injured by exposure to toxic oil fumes in the confined space of any jet airliner (apart from the B787) flight – such that so-called experts exercise their duty to take the ‘urgent action’ called for by a UK Coroner in February 2015.

The summary must be authoritative, accurate and must use standard H&S terminology and evidence which is in the public domain.

Please send your electronic submissions only to by the closing date of midnight UTC on 31st August 2017 with your name and full contact details.

Experts in Aerotoxic Syndrome will judge the entrants’ work and the winner will be announced at the London Cabin Air Conference on 19/20 September 2017.

Cabin Air Conference Flyer download

Thank you.

John Hoyte

Chairman Aerotoxic Association

Former BAe 146 Training Captain

18th June 2017