Protection on board from contaminated cabin air.

There are many kinds of masks to protect from air pollution available on the market and companies that specialize; often these companies produce a variety of masks for the workplace environment, which are rarely available in sizes that fit children.

‘Soft’ masks for your hand luggage purse or pocket.

If you are looking for a small, foldable mask with good protection you should always check out the technology they use. It should also indicate for which particulates, VOC’s, type of fumes, smoke, gas etc. the specific mask is good for,  and that it has an ‘activated carbon’ filter within.

So, looking far and wide also for kids’ sizes, we came across the following company, which provides 5 different sizes, the smallest one to fit a baby weighing 6 -10kg  (indicating roughly from about 2 months old). They also provide their technology and their ‘Official Testing Results’ (same page bottom right).

For more indepth information go to our affiliate Aerotoxic Team here