Sofia Cavanna on Cabin Crew Matt Bass & Aerotoxic Syndrome

Flight 313: The Conspiracy Trailer

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How safe is your cabin air? – ITV Tonight 18th June 2015

Date: 18th June

Duration: 24 minutes

Description: TV show on the dangers of cabin air while on flights.

A Dark Reflection (film teaser)

Date: 11 October 2014

Duration: 2 minutes

Description: Film teaser for the upcoming release of the aerotoxic thriller, A Dark Reflection.

Airbus on contaminated bleed air

Date: 17 July 2014

Duration: 1 minute

Description: Tristan Loraine of GCAQE asks Airbus about their use of bleed air at the Farnborough Air Show press conference.

Bagshaw gets challenged

Date: 14 March 2014

Duration: 3 minutes

Description: Industry doctor, Prof. Michael Bagshaw, gets challenged over cabin air quality.

BBC Inside Out – North West

Date: 18 February 2014

Duration: 20 minutes

Description: Jacey Normand talks to pilots in the north west and investigates claims that the air they breathe on aircraft is being polluted.

Toxic Flyer – Australian 60 Minutes

Date: 4 December 2013

Duration: 16 minutes

Description: Australian investigative television show ’60 Minutes’ conducted a series of interviews centered around the affects which aerotoxic syndrome has had on aircrew and passengers alike.

Toxic Cockpits

Date: 10 May 2013

Duration: 40 minutes

Description: Three years ago ZEMBLA revealed that the airline industry is facing a major problem: passengers and crew breathe in dangerous toxins causedd by oil leaks in the engine.

Contaminated Engine Bleed Air Explained

Date: 24 February 2013

Duration: 1 minute

Description: A short graphic on how bleed air works.


Did fumes cause pilots’ deaths? – ITV News

Date: 29 January 2013

Duration: 5 minutes

Description: “Two British Airways pilots have died within weeks of each other – their families are blaming exposure to aircraft fumes in the cockpit. Richard Westgate and Karen Lysakowska suffered years of ill health. BA says there is no evidence to support the claims. Malcolm Shaw reports.”

TCP in Aircraft Cabins

Date: 24 September 2011

Duration: 2 minutes

Description: Study documents TCP in aircraft cabins. Form ZDF “heute nacht” (“tonight” program). German with English subtitles.

Toxic Fumes On Flights

Date: 10 March 2011

Duration: 5 minutes

Description: A veteran U.S. Airways Flight Attendant says toxic fumes are being released into planes. Crew members are sick. Some so sick, they’re still not back at work a year later. WBTV investigated these claims in a months-long investigation.

Can Flying Make You Sick?

Date: 1 December 2010

Duration: 5 minutes

Description: “An incident on board an aircraft. Fumes from the engine oil get into the cabin air. They contain the nerve poison TCP. Again and again, staff and passengers are complaining about shortness of breath, cough and paralysis. Can flying make you sick? What are the airlines doing about the possible danger?” From Bayerisches Fernsehen, German with English subtitles.

Boeing 787 Dreamliner

Date: 24 July 2010

Duration: 1 minute

Description: Christian Cull, Communications Director talking to the BBC at the Farnborough Airshow, 18 July 2010. He talks about the new Boeing 787 Dreamliner and mentions that the cabin air on this aircraft is cleaner.

Airlines Not Taking Dangers Seriously Enough

Date: 31 March 2010

Duration: 8 minutes

Description: Although it has been known for decades that air contaminated with toxic substances can enter aircraft cabins, the airlines apparently still aren’t taking the dangers seriously enough.

Captain John Hoyte at BALPA

Date: 13 May 2010

Duration: 2 minutes

Description: Capt. John Hoyte visits BALPA.

Plusminus reported on toxic fumes in aircraft cabins

Date: 18 March 2010

Duration: 7 minutes

Description: ‘Plusminus’ reported on toxic fumes in aircraft cabins for the first time a year ago. These fumes can affect passengers and crew and appear to cause serious illness. What has happened since?

CNN Investigation

Date: 12 March 2010

Duration: 5 minutes

Description: CNN’s Allan Chernoff continues his investigation into toxins found inside passenger jets.

8 People Sickend Due To Oil Leak on US Airways

Date: 11 March 2010

Duration: 4 minutes

Description: CNN’s Allan Chernoff reports on how eight people were sickened due to an oil leak on a US Airways jet engine.

Sofia Cavanna of Burgess Hill School on Cabin Crew Matt Bass & Aerotoxic Syndrome

Quality Of Cabin Air On Flights

Date: 11 March 2010

Duration: 5 minutes

Description: CNN Business Traveller’s Ayesha Durgahee reports on the quality of the cabin air on flights.

Pilots and Cabin Crew Investigation

Date: 11 March 2010

Duration: 6 minutes

Description: Channel 4 News investigates reports that pilots and cabin crew are being poisoned.


Gif in de cockpit (Poison in the cockpit)

Date: 21 February 2010

Duration: 40 minute

Description: (Dutch) First part in a 2 part documentary on toxic fumes in the cockpit by Dutch documentary maker, ZEMBLA.

A Documentary by Tim van Beveren

Date: 29 January 2010

Duration: 15 minutes

Description: A documentary by Tim van Beveren investigating fume events, tricresyl phosphate (TCP) and talking to researchers and pilots affected by the fumes. First broadcast on the German TV programme “Markt.” English language version.

Welcome Aboard Toxic Airlines

Date: 3 July 2009

Duration: 13 minutes

Description:’s Jessica Ravitz talks about airplanes having “fume events” making cabin air toxic to breathe. Tristan Loraine discusses his film “Welcome Aboard Toxic Airlines”.

Courts To Help Ill Passengers Find Answers

Date: 30 October 2009

Duration: 2 minutes

Description: “Something caused at least two passengers aboard Southwest flight 1705 in January to become seriously ill. Now they’re asking the courts to help them find answers.”


fast:track examines cabin air on planes

Date: 27 November 2009

Duration: 7 minutes

Description: “With the recent swine flu concerns, it isn’t unusual to see air passengers wearing protective masks as travelling on a plane is considered an infection risk. But now one company thinks it has the solution. Simon Hancock has been finding out more.”

Contaminated Cabin Air More Frequent Than Airlines Admit

Date: 27 October 2009

Duration: 5 minutes

Description: Plusminus reported on Aerotoxic Syndrome in February. New documents show that incidences of contaminated cabin air in Germany are much more frequent than the airlines admit.

Is The Air In The Craft Clean?

Date: 27 October 2009

Duration: 7 minutes

Description: “The cabin air in airliners is bled off the jet engines and is fed into the passenger compartment unfiltered. “Plusminus” asks whether the air in the aircraft is actually clean.”


BBC Radio 4: Can planes be poisonous?

Date: 24 September 2009

Duration: 2 minutes

Description: “The BBC has been told of new research linking toxins found in the air systems of commercial airliners and neurological damage suffered by pilots.”


Airplane air toxic?

Date: 17 August 2009

Duration: 4 minutes

Description: CNN investigates one flight attendant’s battle, following fume exposure.

BBC Panorama: Something In The Air

Date: 21 April 2008

Duration: 32 minutes

Description: “Panorama carries out its own tests to discover just what’s in the air we breathe when we fly.”

Channel 4 Report on Cabin Air Quality

Date: 10 June 2006

Duration: 6 minutes

Description: Channel 4 News reports on cabin air quality.

BALPA Conclusions

Date: 21 April 2005

Duration: 13 minutes

Description: BALPA boss, Jim McAuslan, gives his conclusions of the 2005 BALPA conference.


Date: 2004

Duration: 52 minutes

Description: AOPIS Film: Aircraft Air Contamination An Ongoing Health and Safety Issue.

Balpa Conclusions (Short Version)

Date: 21 April 2005

Duration: 1 minute

Description: BALPA boss, Jim McAuslan, gives his conclusions of the 2005 BALPA conference.

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