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We are the Aerotoxic Association 

Dedicated to supporting those affected by Aerotoxic Syndrome 

Aerotoxic Poisoning

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XLA 120 
1st February 2007
Evidence of Aerotoxic Poisoning?

Perhaps the best chronicled European accident of “aerotoxic poisoning” to present happened on 1st February 2007 when a group of around 40 British passengers were poisoned on flight XLA 120 from London Gatwick, UK to Sanford International, Florida, US. Read more…

Latest News

January 2021

“Safe To Fly? Aerotoxicity Cover Up-Scandal

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17th December 2020

“We Are Slowly Being Poisoined”, LA Times.

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30th October 2020

Aerotoxic Association letter to Baroness Vere of Norbiton concerning Aerotoxic poisoning.

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30th October 2020

Automatic reply from Baroness Vere to Aerotoxic Association – 20 business days. Expected by 27th November 2020.

25th February 2020

Latest BBC Aerotoxic poisoning news

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3rd June 2019

Member of Parliament Fiona Bruce letter to pilot constituent concerning Government policy on Aerotoxic poisoning.

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26th May 2019

Baroness Vere of Norbiton, Minister of Aviation replies to Fiona Bruce, Member of Parliament with UK Government policy on Aerotoxic Poisoning.

March 2019

Captain John Hoyte interview.

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What is Aerotoxic Syndrome?

The term Aerotoxic Syndrome describes acquired acute & chronic ill health caused by exposure to toxic oil fumes present in the breathing air of most commercial jets. Unaware, thousands of people suffer every day, without knowing about this hidden health and safety hazard.

A US doctor and scientists from France, Australia were the first to identify Aerotoxic Syndrome in 1999. The hidden illness is known to affect the central nervous system and brain, causing a range of acute symptoms and long-term ill-health in around 30% of all flyers.

An oil fume event was photographed by passengers on a flight from London Heathrow to Valencia in August 2019. The full account of the incident can be found here.

Legal Cases

View the US legal landmark win of 31st July 2020 here. You can also view the US Attorney’s piece here.

Captain John Hoyte

Captain John Hoyte

John is a career pilot who began flying in 1976 with a varied international flying career but ceased flying BAe146’s jets prematurely after 16 years of increasingly severe neurological & physical symptoms with ‘Chronic stress’ in mid-2005.

In 2006, John was tested by University College London (UCL) with 26 other British Airline Pilots Association (BALPA) pilots, 100% of whom showed evidence of Toxic Air exposure, which was later published.

John founded the Aerotoxic Association Ltd. in 2007 to help other survivors (both aircrew & passengers) and to work with international groups such as the Global Cabin Air Quality Executive (GCAQE) which was formed in 2006 to counter the still existing formal position of ‘No positive evidence’.

Many international groups now work for the formal acceptance of Aerotoxic Syndrome, which was first defined in 1999 by a US doctor and scientists from France & Australia and for the urgent introduction of the known and now available technical solutions.

John has published evidence, which is in the public interest of anyone who flies on since 2007. He has recovered most of his previous excellent health due to pioneering Simulator Flying and other public flight entertainment systems from 2015-2019 and now holds a Class 2 Aviation medical certificate.

John has helped fund & produce educational films and published books on Aerotoxic & his flying career.

He recently presented the Associations/Unions ‘Wish list’ for some of the 1.5 million Euros for ‘Further research’ into toxic cabin air to Airlines, Manufacturers, Researchers & Regulators at EASA’s (European Union Aviation Safety Agency) first ‘Cabin Air’ workshop in Cologne.

If you are interested in consultation into any aspect of aerotoxic syndrome, please contact John at – but please note that he is NOT medically qualified to offer medical advice or treatments, which are carried out by other specialists.

27th June 2007

Chris Booker ‘Aerotoxic poisoning Cover-up’ article

Pilots disabled by poisoned air.

Governments across the world claim that “there is no positive evidence of chronic public ill health caused by toxic cabin air in jet airliners”.


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