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What is Aerotoxic Syndrome?

Aerotoxic Syndrome describes the human chronic ill health caused by exposure to oil fumes in most commercial jets since the 1960’s. Thousands of people suffer from it everyday, without being recognized or even knowing it.

This illness has first been identified by a US doctor and scientists from France & Australia in 1999.

It is known to affect the peripheral central nervous system and the brain causing a range of gastro-intestinal, neurological and psychological symptoms.

Who are we?

Established in 2007, the Aerotoxic Association was founded by BAe 146 Training Captain John Hoyte at the Houses of Parliament, London, UK.

Since then, the association has provided guidance and advice to thousands of airline pilots, cabin crew and passengers in regards to Aerotoxic Syndrome.

Our main missions are to :

  • Share evidence with the public about the harm associated with poor aircraft Cabin Air Quality
  • Provide networking with Social Media
  • Expose the 70 year Aerotoxic Cover-up

Captain Hoyte had to retire due to ongoing severe symptoms of Aerotoxic Syndrome. He was one of 27 BALPA (British Airline Pilots Association) pilots tested by University College London. All 27 participants showed evidence of toxic poisoning and reduced cognitive function.

However, Governments across the world claim that “there is no positive evidence of chronic public ill health caused by toxic cabin air in jet airliners”.

So it is vital that the Association continues to gain media coverage and call governments and airlines into account, to help people suffering for the syndrome, by gathering evidence and sharing it.

And for this, we need your help!

Today, you can help us by raising your hand, whether you suffer from Aerotoxic syndrome or know someone that does. 

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