A return to fly in Shropshire after 34 years…

Since I began flying commercially in 1977 by teaching other members of the public to fly – I first flew briefly in Norfolk but quickly moved away to a busier part of the country and enjoyed two years of teaching flying at the Staverton Flying School in Gloucestershire.

I would then move back to Norfolk to begin my aerial spraying career, but by 1982 I was ready to move away again and began aerial crop spraying in Shropshire which seemed to have such friendly and decent farmers and where I flew until 1987. I spent the winter times in Kenya and South Australia pioneering aerial fire fighting – huge fun.

After I got married in 1986, I thought that aerial spraying was a ‘risky type of flying’ due to the highly toxic chemicals which we were careful to completely avoid and so moved away from more from Shropshire to Warwickshire and nearer to the big airfields of Birmingham, Luton, Stansted & Heathrow.

I was lucky enough to get a job at Air Atlantique, Coventry in 1987 for two years doing ad hoc freight and maritime pollution patrol work which was fascinating.

In 1989, I got a job ‘break’ to night fly jet BAe 146 aircraft for TNT until 1998 and day fly on the BAe 146 with Flybe until 2005 when I had to stop all flying prematurely due to serious, chronicle ill health caused by flying jets known as Aerotoxic Syndrome since 1999.

Since early 2006, when I worked out the cause of the mass public poisoning because it was all written down and perfectly documented back to 1921 – I continued living in Warwickshire, but after my unwanted divorce in 2007 I decided to move back to Norfolk in 2013 to ‘get away’.

Some of the best Aerotoxic evidence from November 2007 of Dr Sarah Myhill, near Shropshire.


Norfolk proved over six years to be a very negative move, with NFN (Normal For Norfolk) people and place to live which led me to move away again to Europe in 2019 and travel around the major European countries of Belgium, France, Switzerland, Germany, Italy before finally settling in The Netherlands to make contact with most of the key experts of Aerotoxic poisoning in Europe.

I moved back to Norfolk in early 2020 at the time outbreak of the so-called ‘pandemic’ of COVID-19 but since then I’ve been trying to get away from the negativity of Norfolk people and provide the known solutions in a fourth book about the Aerotoxic pandemic of 1921-202? which was published on 18th June 2021.

In March 2021, I moved back to Oxfordshire to be near my two grown up children, but after two months of trying to get Oxford University Neuro Science department, Oxford University Aeronautical Society & other Oxford University Departments, Oxford BBC and the local Oxford media to cover the Aerotoxic air health issue without any success due to the 15 years long Aerotoxic cover-up which means trying to earn a living from the SOLUTIONS ONLY – challenging.

I decided to return to Shropshire where I had spent the happiest years of my life and flying career for five years in the 1980s and where the farming people have a kindlier, much more intelligent view on life with positive, open outlooks and an ability to fix known problems and to make honest money from the known and available $olution$.

If you want to learn more about my flying and work I have written four books.


Shropshire used to be affectionately known as: ‘The Graveyard of all ambition’ – let us see…!!!!

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