Aerotoxic Association Ltd Charity Media Release: 4.12.20


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Aerotoxic Association of Norwich, UK announces a working relationship with KJC law of Boston, USA to support those affected by Toxic Cabin Air or Aerotoxic Syndrome.

When the Aerotoxic Association Ltd. Charity was founded by Captain John Hoyte at the UK Houses of Parliament, London on 18 June 2007 – the published aim was to help and support other survivors of Aerotoxic Syndrome or Poisoning.

 Capt. John Hoyte, Dr Susan Michaelis (with paper), Capt. Tristan Loraine (with oil can), Capt. Julian Soddy

Read letter 26th May 2019 UK Aviation Minister Baroness Vere of Norbiton referring a Member of Parliament to ‘aerotoxic poisoning’.

However due to a landmark legal breakthrough in an Oregon, US public Court on 31st July 2020 when US Airbus A320 Captain Andrew K Myers was awarded financial compensation after his acute and chronic serious ill health was proven to have been caused by toxic oil particles getting into the aircraft air ‘Fume event’ accident on 21st January 2017 an opportunity to work with a leading US Law firm has developed.

Due to this ‘legal precedent’ and a preponderance of scientific evidence published over seven decades, US law companies are now available to represent other poisoned flyers – mainly flight attendants and pilots but also passenger frequent flyers – as the toxins are known, like Covid-19, to cause both acute and chronic illness.

Scientific evidence of human ill health has been published since the 1950’s yet the term Aerotoxic Syndrome put forward in 1999 by a US doctor and scientists from France and Australia is yet to be formally accepted due to the inconvenient financial consequences.

It is strongly suspected that there has been a systemic ‘cover-up’ which has not only delayed doctors, scientists, politicians and members of the public from finding out more about a hidden cause of mass public ill health but also made it more difficult for sufferers to benefit from investigations and treatments which are now available. Technical solutions including ‘Toxic Air Detectors’ for all ‘bleed air’ jet planes will also be available shortly.   

Watch BBC Panorama ‘Something in the air’ 21 April 2008 to find out about a large group of poisoned UK passengers from 2007. Listen to the BBC news of 25 February 2020 to find out about UK legal action due before the end of 2020:

In a previous Air Quality (Aircraft) debate in Westminster Hall of 1st July 2009, Tobias Ellwood MP and Captain Hoyte’s previous Member of Parliament the late John Maples MP debated openly whether: “There is a fundamental design flaw fault in passenger aircraft that exposes passengers and crew to dangerous and potentially lethal toxic fumes?”

As a direct result of Norwich South’s Unite Labour Member of Parliament, Clive Lewis, failing to acknowledge any formal Aerotoxic Association correspondence for over 5 years – specifically the landmark 2020 US public Court legal case. The Charity now plans to relocate to continental Europe by the end of 2020 so the Company can take an active part in ‘Further research’. Whilst the office of HM Queen comprehensively replied to a formal letter in 2016.

Pilot Richard Westgate was just one example of countless international aircrew who contacted the Aerotoxic Association after complaining of mysterious chronic ill health on 16 March 2012 before dying in The Netherlands on 12 December 2012; Richard’s life and other professional aircrew will never be forgotten.

The Aerotoxic Association Charity of Norwich, UK is delighted to be working with KJC Law of Boston, USA who are available to represent members of the public who have been affected by toxic cabin air from Friday 4 December 2020.

If you or someone you know has been negatively affected by aerotoxic syndrome caused by contaminated air in an aircraft then contact KJC  and the Aerotoxic Association today for help.

“It is long overdue that governments put the health of the flying public before that of the airline industry by facing up to seven decades of published evidence of aerotoxic poisoning with ordinary people being professionally represented. A full, balanced open public debate and inquiry promoted by the media in the public interest must now be paramount.”

John Hoyte
Chairman Aerotoxic Association Ltd. Charity
Former BAe 146 Training Captain

4 December 2020


To learn more about Captain Hoyte & other survivors ‘stories’ of Aerotoxic poisoning – listen to these 2019 podcasts:
Listen to a one & only live BBC Norwich interview with Captain Hoyte in 2015, avoiding mention of his airlines & ‘Cover-up’.

The End.

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