Aerotoxic Syndrome does exist and is caused by Carbon Monoxide

Media Release: Immediate from Monday 18 July 2022.

Aerotoxic Syndrome (1999) does exist & is caused by Carbon Monoxide.

Aerotoxic Syndrome (AS) was first published on 20 October 1999 by a US doctor, a French forensic scientist and an Australian toxicologist – yet it is only in late July 2022, that carbon monoxide, a deadly poisonous chemical of primary concern, which is now believed to have caused poisoning for over 30 years to some researchers, who have finally published their work and theories for public interest, open scientific public debate and criticism.

Historically in 2017, a World Health Authority (WHO) report published evidence: Aerotoxic syndrome: a new occupational disease? By Dr Susan Michaelis, Dr Jonathan Burdon and Prof Vyvyan  Howard & World Health Organization. Regional Office for Europe. (‎2017)‎.

On 10 February 2022 Mr Philip Clarke, (he/him) Business Manager to the Chair and Chief Executive of CAA Sir Stephen Hillier explained to the Aerotoxic Association by e mail:

“Our (CAA) fundamental position has not changed. We do not believe that any new information has yet come to light that requires us to review our policy position. We of course always remain open to dialogue and will happily review the findings of any new research on the issue of cabin air quality.”

On Friday 8 July 2022 a new peer reviewed scientific paper was published By Dr G. Hageman, Professor/Dr S.J. Mackenzie Ross, J. Nihom, and G. van der Laan titled:
Aerotoxic syndrome: A new occupational disease caused by contaminated cabin air?

On Thursday 14 July 2022 another new peer reviewed UK/USA scientific paper focusing on carbon monoxide:
ANATOMY OF AN OCCUPATIONAL HAZARD by UK/USA A Group was published, in the public’s interest and distributed to various responsible parties and the media.

On 15 July 2022 Mr Clarke of CAA wrote by e mail to co-author John Hoyte:

 “Dear Mr Hoyte

 Thank you for your emails to the CAA over the past few weeks. I am writing to acknowledge receipt and to confirm that we have reviewed their contents.

 I will address the key attachments from your recent emails sequentially as follows:

 Letter entitled ‘Statement of truth 29th of June 2022’ – whilst we note your stated concerns, there is no new inclusion of peer-reviewed scientific research in this document.

  • Letter from John Lind 30th of June 2022 – this letter includes a series of anecdotal reports and makes no reference to any peer-reviewed scientific research.
  • Flight LXA 120 document – this article was previously submitted, by you, to the CAA in March 2019 and as such we have no further comment.

 Aerotoxic Syndrome: A new occupational disease caused by contaminated cabin air? – this chapter references the literature on cabin air, however, it does not in itself provide any new evidence which is not already in the public domain.

As you may be aware, the Committee on Toxicity undertook a literature review on the cabin air environment in 2013. A proposed update to this, to review any new evidence, is currently being undertaken. You can find further information here:

I would be grateful for your patience and understanding whilst this work is completed. I would also re-emphasise that whilst we are always willing to consider new peer-reviewed scientific evidence on cabin air quality, it may not always be appropriate for us to respond every time you contact us.”

Philip Clarke (he/him)

Business Manager to the Chair and Chief Executive


These two latest international, peer reviewed published papers expand on a new USA theory that Carbon Monoxide (CO) # 9 is a ‘new’ factor of public interest in the CAQ public debate, which appears to have been ‘overlooked & missed’ by many international researchers over decades in favour of organophosphates (OP’s) and other highly toxic chemicals.

The CAA have acknowledged receipt of both new published papers and are aware of evidence from the past decades according to Mr Clarke of the CAA on 10 February 2022:

“I have discussed your email with several colleagues, and it appears that we (CAA) were actually represented at all three of the most recent Cabin Air conferences – 2017, 2019 and 2021 (online). We have not yet committed to attend the 2022 conference as a list of speakers has not yet been published.

Thank you for the documents from Mr Lind and Mr Davidson, as well as the links to the TV programmes.”

It would be normal in all H&S, where public health is a danger to adopt the ‘precautionary principle’ when dealing with a probable cause of mass public ill health. And to at least, review the published scientific literature with a full independent, open public court debate of the existing published evidence.

An Australian WIN after 18 years in High Court by Joanne Turner vs East West Airlines on 3 September 2010 would appear to be an example of the highest quality of ‘evidence’:

Carbon Monoxide (CO) is already well known to the public and H&S ‘ground’ authorities as a silent, deadly killer gas, which cannot be seen, smelt, nor tasted.

CO can be harmful to all life in the confined space of a ‘bleed air’ jet cabin, with no possible escape at 40,000’ making AS a potentially taboo/prohibited subject in the airline world.

WHO, 2010, indoor air quality guidance states to prevent individuals COHb levels rising above 2%.

The maximum exposure recommendations are as follows:

  • 87 ppm (100 mg/m3) for 15 min.
  • 31 ppm (35 mg/m3) for 1 hour
  •  9 ppm (10 mg/m3) for 8 hours.
  •  6 ppm (7 mg/m3) for 24 hours.

This guideline has recently (WHO 2021) been lowered to: 3.5ppm (4 mg/m3) for 24 hours.

Whilst those vulnerable members of the public such as ‘mums to be’, children and the frail are much worse affected, than a former RAF Test pilot who chaired British Airline Pilot Association Balpa Union conferences on 20/21 April 2005 who has also been severely affected in the past 30 years, leading Balpa delegates to urgently state in April 2005:

“We need better health systems that treat affected employees with sympathy and respect and not contempt. We need better models for monitoring, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and compensation of affected workers. We need this for the legacy we have of pilots and flight attendants who have been affected, forced out of the industry and have been in the wilderness ever since.”

Video of Balpa Chairman Jim MaCauslan on 21 April 2005:

This is why proposed US legislation – The US Cabin Air Safety Act of 29 March 2022 has only mentioned ‘any concentration of CO’, with no organophosphates (OPs) mentioned, at all.

  • “(1) to install and operate onboard detectors and other air quality monitoring equipment that—
  • “(A) are situated in the air supply system to enable pilots and maintenance technicians to identify the location of the source or sources of air supply contamination in real time, including any concentration of carbon monoxide that is dangerous to human health;

For over 20 years, many eminent international scientific, medical experts and victims have cited organophosphates (OP’s), which are added at 3-5% as anti-wear additives to the jet engine oil and have clear Health Warnings on the tin. Therefore, OPs have logically been linked with AS by many damaged and injured sufferers after being bamboozled by so-called lawyers, doctors and scientists with complex chemistry.

Whilst governments, airlines, airline manufacturers, politicians and the ‘media’ cite OP poisoning, but then claim ‘No positive evidence’ of any public injuries – ever since the 1950’s and are still relying on ‘government Committee of Toxicology CLOT evidence and testing’ from 2013 and before.

There are over three hundred other highly toxic chemical compounds which are found in visible oil ‘Fume events’ or ‘visible soup’ which cause ‘Accidents and injuries’ for both passengers and aircrew and making CO exposure many times worse on potentially any bleed air flight; to any flying member of the public either in the past or future…

A visible ‘oil fume event’ ‘Accident’ on 5 August 2019 – but how much, invisible CO?

Yet CO can be present in ultra-low levels, all of the time – and no one would ever know, with a fundamental design flaw since the 1950’s of ‘Bleed air’as no $15 CO sensors or alarms are yet fitted, despite repeated calls by global Regulators and Accident Investigation Investigators, in the confined space of any multi-million-dollar public transport jets.

Whilst CO alarms are mandated by legislation in most domestic and other confined spaces and Covid measures have been fully complied with, since 2020….        Not CO.

In 1992, US Flight Attendant, Deanne De Witte Freise, was severely injured by an oil ‘fume event’ in a B.727 and from that time on, her Carboxyhaemoglobin (COHb) levels were high and have been found in countless other flyers, yet dismissed by certain parties as irrelevant.

Carbon monoxide (CO) is an odourless, tasteless, and colourless gas and concentrations can become elevated and Deanne has been certain of the role that CO played in her chronic sickness over nearly 30 years.

In 2007, Captain John Hoyte who had also been severely sick for 16 years from 1990-2005 whilst continuously flying as a BAe 146 pilot founded the UK based Aerotoxic Association to support other members of the public who have also been made severely sick, after commercial jet flying.

In 2011, Captain John Lind, formally a USAF Vietnam C130 Hercules pilot and aviation commercial risk assessor for decades and senior Flight Safety Advocate whose Flight Attendant daughter was also injured by a ‘toxic oil fume exposure’ and learnt of her sickness and has dedicated the last 11 years of his life to campaigning as an Advocate for formal recognition of the public illness and especially for the known solutions of ‘enough oxygen’ to be available at all airports for all ‘Fume event’ accident survivors.

Around 5 years ago, John Lind and Deanne de Witte Freise logically concluded that CO, which has been cited in all previous published science since the 1950’s, as the more likely main dangerous chemical and last September 2021 managed to persuade John Hoyte of their breakthrough new theory in A Group of eight other professional members.

This required a fresh look and perspective of a known problem and an alternative analysis of the existing published science data.

As no one else around the world has been able to prove conclusively and repeatedly in a public court that tiny amounts of organophosphates (OP’s) were responsible for the ACUTE symptoms found after exposure to oil fumes of headache, nausea & vomiting to aircrew and passengers, there had to be another – unknown factor at work, for over seven decades.

Last BBC report of 25 February 2020:

Every tin of oil has a high percentage of carbon atoms in it, waiting to be part combusted with oxygen atoms and pyrolyzed into CO and other chemical compounds in a gas generating  jet engine where the seals are designed to leak oil into air, from day one.

It is well known that the long term or chronic effect of CO mimic the known severe symptoms of nerve agent OP’s – hence the almost possible deliberate obfuscation, since Aerotoxic was first published over 20 years ago by certain powerful, vested interests.

No one knowing this new information – can somehow ‘Unknow’.

All flyers are equally affected including Royalty, First Class and lawyers, doctors and scientists – some flyers (~ 20%) with certain DNA are affected much more than others according to previous fully published Dutch research work from 2012 onwards.

Chronic effects may be first misdiagnosed and then mistreated with ‘expensive drugs’ as MND, Parkinson’s, epilepsy, seizures and Alzheimer’s – and a whole host of ‘other’ neurological diseases, which could simply be caused by repeated low level CO exposures for all frequent flyers – passengers or crew and other members of the public.

A published Dutch frequent flyer survey of 2016 estimated that around 1,000,000 frequent flyers and passengers had AS, in Europe alone with around 20,000 in The Netherlands – this survey was mostly focused on OPs at that time, as OP has been the dominant potentially theory, for many decades – until now.

The only way to prove the above theories are to finally install low cost $15 CO sensors in all  commercial jets, but these appear to have been banned, by ‘governments & authorities’ who are supposedly meant to put public health – first, above industry health and profits.

So bleed air, piped off the jet engine has never been either filtered, not monitored; ever yet.

However, as CO sensors are now readily available on many devices/mobile/cell phones, it is only a matter of time before the possibly banned, ‘A word’ gets out into the public domain with the new CO theory and then a mass of social media evidence/data will be available to public courts, which will effectively and eventually ground all ‘bleed air’ jets as unairworthy, until the ‘All bleed air jets are fixed and made safe’.

LA Times 31 March 2022:

This will leave only around 1,000 Boeing 787’s flying, which do not use ‘Bleed air’ for air conditioning and coincidentally, were also first commissioned by Boeing in 1999 – as truly ‘airworthy’ and a pleasing experience for all who fly in these genuinely ‘modern’ jets.

A first ever two day Carbon Monoxide London conference was held on 5/6 July 2022 which confirmed much of the well-known medical effects on other members of the public of CO and was attended by Captain John Hoyte, where he explained the part of CO in aviation to other CO delegates, who had never yet even heard of AS.

For the past 16 years, governments, public law courts and media have been provided with ever more accurate evidence of Aerotoxic Syndrome or poisoning – which is perhaps best summarized for it’s terrible effects on the public as example by what happened to the 40 UK passengers (including young children) of Flight XLA 120 on 1 February 2007: which the CAA acknowledged receipt of in March 2019, yet still appear to ignore as representing ‘evidence’ – 15 years later.

It is now expected that a full and open international public debate will finally begin, which will lead to the known and available solutions introduced, urgently.

This was all detailed in principle at the British Airline Pilot Association (Balpa) Cabin Air conference of 20/21 April 2005, both on the balance of probability and now, beyond reasonable doubt – that positive evidence of Aerotoxic Syndrome has been proven to exist and that those public servants responsible for public H&S – must act immediately.

Few of the international doubting parties responsible for public health come out of the 70 years long system failure, cover-up health scandal well, but it is reasoned that future UK Prime Minister candidate Member of Parliament, Ms Penny Mordaunt is best equipped in the future to manage the known and available solutions for Aerotoxic.

John Hoyte explained: “There appears to have been a global system failure with Aerotoxic Syndrome (1999), where evidence from professional aircrew and passengers has been deliberately ignored for decades by those public servants responsible for public H&S, the public courts, and media.

As someone who has survived aerotoxic syndrome since 1990 – we now call for urgent financial backing from interested parties to allow all of the known and available solutions to be realized, in the public interest.

I have invested around £300K in solutions over the past 15 years and have been familiar with most of the known and available solutions since early 2021.

It is now crucial not to waste any more time but work urgently with others on the known and available solutions – immediately – with fully funded work of public money for public good. Aerotoxicgate is a 23-year-old public health issue, which must be publicized”.

For further information:  or London interview contact:

John Grahame Hoyte

Chairman Aerotoxic Association Ltd. Not for Profit – The Charity (2007)
Aerotoxic Solutions Consultancy Ltd. For Profit (2021)
****Based: Shropshire & Central London until 22 July 2022****
Former BAe 146 Training Captain                  07773771867                            Monday 18 July 2022


Captain Julian Soddy of Balpa
Professor/Dr Sarah Mackenzie Ross of UCL
David Learmount of Flight Global

Notes to editors:

  • John Hoyte JH (66) & single, has co-written four books of his 45 year unique flying career and Aerotoxic Syndrome with a Foreword by David Learmount of Flight Global since 2014.
  • JH invested £75K to produce ‘A Dark Reflection’ film showing the end game of AS.
  • JH has attended 15 Cabin Air conferences since 2006.
  • JH has taken part in most Aerotoxic documentary films since 2006, including CH 4 News.
  • JH is expert in Flight Simulation entertainment for the public. Sim-Fly.
  • JH is available for Aerotoxic Consultancy, public speaking, and leadership.
  • JH is expert at all aspects of aviation including Cockpit Resource Management (CRM).
  • JH scored ½ / 10 in an NHS cognitive score in 2011, from 2019 & now JH is 7-8/10.
  • JH is notoriously bad at all administration and negotiating business deals.
  • JH has helped countless other Aerotoxic survivors in 16 years, but most take, only.
  • JH has invested around £300K since 2007 – currently has no house, no car & few possessions and is looking for a Dragon’s Den type of investors who believe JH’s word.
  • Global Cabin Air Quality Executive was founded in JH’s presence on 5 October 2006  and represents Unions, not passengers who are unrepresented.

Freedom of Speech; Duty to serve & Report; Public Health & Interest define Aerotoxico  


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