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What is Aerotoxic Syndrome?

First a quick recap – What is Aerotoxic Syndrome? In 1999, after a decade of research, an American doctor alongside French and Australian scientists identified and named Aerotoxic Syndrome as an acute and chronic illness (both for aircrew and passengers) caused from exposure to contaminated unfiltered ‘bleed air’, of which is present in most jet aircraft.  In the same year, the Boeing 787 was proposed with ‘non-bleed architecture’ to avoid the fundamental design flaw.

How did the Aerotoxic Association begin?

I was recently grounded from my well-paying flying job when I began the Aerotoxic Association on the 18th of June 2007 to help support other sufferers and survivors of Aerotoxic Syndrome. I was also married, had two wonderful teenagers, a lovely home in a Warwickshire village, a car, cats, hobbies, interests, friends and was generally ok, yet my health was still a mess from the 16 years of being gassed by the BAe 146 jet airliner –  by far the worst of all the ‘bleed air’ powered jet planes. On a scale of 0-10, it scores 11 as it’s the subject aircraft of the only ever win in an Australian High Court in 2010.

Due to my brain damage which was measured by the NHS at ½ / 10 in 2011 (but has just been measured by the NHS at around 7/10 due to 3 years of Simulator Flying), I’ve always struggled with I.T. Despite generating 250,000 emails in 13 years, I still struggle like any 64-year-old with technology and the only way to deal with that is to pay outsiders for their services. So I’ve literally poured money into other people’s pockets in my enthusiasm and expectation of getting the A word out and that has to now stop as I’ve run out of money and we’re so close to winning and getting on with more intelligent matters…

My situation now… 

So today I have no formal job apart from still helping others unconditionally for free; I was divorced against my will and dragged through the courts, my children have grown into great friends with excellent jobs and stable relationships, my home had to be sold in 2013 and probably unwisely. I invested some of the money (£25K) in having a book written by a well-known ghostwriter Philip Whiteley which was edited and published by Susan Curran (as no professional aircrew are believed) called  ‘Aerotoxic Syndrome – Aviation’s Darkest Secret’. I also invested £75K in A Dark Reflection, a fictional film made by my friend Captain Tristan Loraine of BA & BALPA who saved my life in 2006 which I was very grateful for as a true friend. The fictional aircrew organised, acted in and funded film shows how an airline would finally filter ‘Bleed air’. I donated £1800 in 2013 for a German Army Organophosphate test.

I have no animals now, no partner (who would want to live with a brain-damaged former pilot?), no house, no pension as that was liquidated after Michael Rawlinson QC (just one of many expert lawyers specialising in the very slow and lucrative exposure of Aerotoxcity) stood up at the 2017 11th Annual Cabin Air conference and publicly announced that “Aerotoxicity (sic) is at its tipping-point”. 

Good friends have deserted me, probably thinking that anyone who tries to change a whole industry is definitely bonkers, I have no car, but actually prefer walking, biking and public transport (I met an insurance man recently on a long train journey who claimed to always get a severe headache from flying…), I still have hobbies and many other interests in other areas of life, but they are hard to pursue when living out of a suitcase and firefighting to expose a BBC cover-up.

The best part of my life is that my health has been fantastic for the past few years as I took too literally the advice of Dr Sarah Myhill from 2006  to “stop flying, eat well and sleep well, no medication and my health would improve in 2 years” – well it did dramatically and more or less just reverted back to normal, apart from physical heat control problems which are an advantage in winter! When I stopped airline flying in 2005, I was totally wrecked and like a zombie at 49 years of age but felt about 90. Now I’m 64 and feel like a 34-year-old or when I began jet flying in 1989. Most odd, but it’s all legally documented for anyone to see. 

So it’s been an amazing life so far, but having invested all of my money plus some credit now in the Aerotoxic Association and Sim-Fly; an idea I had to teach the public to fly in the safety of simulators on the ground which I thoroughly enjoyed for 3 years – but the business failed earlier this year due to devious, dastardly businessmen in mid Norfolk and my permanent inability to do any sort of I.T work. Simulator Flying is 50% I.T and 50% flying and customer care. Ideas are all too easy as a former airline training captain but it’s the business side which is always the missing factor. This is a novel type of business and will still absolutely work one day, but one always needs a 24/7 partner in life to succeed and finding the right people has always been a challenge as the Aerotoxic taboo is not easy to juggle with other businesses.

I have invested around £250K in the Aerotoxic Association over the past 13 years but running an invisible, hated company (if you are an airline or government) has proved to be the most difficult thing on my own, as no one else wants any part of it yet. Despite the now known solutions being available to the one million frequent flyers and aircrew in Europe alone who have Aerotoxic Syndrome, majority if not all of whom will be grossly misdiagnosed and mistreated by a State health system which refuses resolutely to recognise poisoning from exposure to nerve gas in the confined gas chambers of so-called modern jet airliners.

It would appear that if one deals with something ‘too big and inconvenient’ it can never succeed and one should ideally deal in the minutia of life and the blood-sucking, parasitic properties of most so-called lawyers who callously take a share of anything they can make out of other people’s misery.

But would one actually ever finally stop trying to prove an inconvenient fact or stop helping other people? 

Many people, including close family and friends, have urged me to ‘forget Aerotoxic and do something else’, but how can one ever forget something which has dominated one’s life for 30 years. It just isn’t realistic to do so. Best just to finish it off and then move on as with any flight or work I’ve ever done, I suspect.

Clearly, after 30 years of being poisoned and then recovering, I have seen unbelievable sights over the past decade especially of lies, greed, criminal acts which have become normalised now. On 22nd May 2006 when I sat at my computer and made a dated single-page statement (attached) of exactly how I’d been poisoned and had inadvertently uncovered a criminal cover-up. I had no idea that day after day it would lead to living in temporary accommodation in The Netherlands armed only with my credit card and desperately hoping that some sort of help would materialise. Yet with a global cover-up, it’s perhaps too optimistic that freedom of speech and open debate would be allowed for the simple word of Aerotoxic?

So what are the more shocking memories of the past few years?

I’m shocked by how formal witness evidence from professional aircrew and passengers are not believed by doctors, scientists, lawyers and politicians whose job is actually to sort out such difficulties. To not believe a small group of dedicated workers and fare-paying passengers is nothing short of hypocrisy as these leeches make their livings from their short term memories and mistrust of the public they are supposed to serve. Shame on them when they also don’t believe us, these crazy people pay good money to be poisoned too, that’s just weird.

It’s very odd when the BBC are not allowed to use a certain word on TV or radio, to not do live interviews, and to not use the taboo word of Aerotoxic! One can understand how certain swear words are still frowned upon, but the one word which describes illness for so many innocent people and also very weird as if you Google ‘Sick, flying & fumes’ – voila.

It has been strange to be represented firstly by a most decent Member of Parliament – John Maples from 2007 to 2010 when in opposition as a Conservative MP. He willingly debated Aerotoxic and my Association in the House of Commons and helped me. But when the Conservatories came to power in 2010, MP Jeremy Wright, a hated lawyer kicked the Aerotoxic issue back into the long grass, as was directed by not very ‘civil’ servants. I was next represented by Simon Wright, a Norwich MP who decently did what he could to help but always knowing that he was ‘doing his best’ until he was voted out by a former BBC journalist and Labour party MP – Clive Lewis in 2015.

It is normal to meet one’s political representative and in early 2015 there was much optimism that BA pilot Richard Westgate’s death of 2012 would finally allow a Dorset coroner to flag up the real contributory factors to Richard’s death. That was until the establishment nobbled him in 2017 at a kangaroo, farcical type of court in Dorset which was covered ironically by German TV and reluctantly by the BBC.

Since 2015, Clive Lewis has not responded to a single formal letter from the Aerotoxic Association nor made any contact, nor done a single thing to protect the public he claims to represent? And gets the prize for being the most useless Labour party MP, ever!

It was just embarrassing to write formally on behalf of the Aerotoxic Association to HM Queen in 2017 out of utter desperation and to receive a sensitive reply from her office shortly afterwards, which has never been made public. But it just proves that with Brexit – a potential Armageddon for the U.K, her Majesty is still the ultimate boss.

What is the future for me and for the Aerotoxic Association? 

It is always difficult to measure success and my Scottish Mother measures it by money whereas I don’t. But the challenge now is to go from where I am or zero back to a normal way of life by continuing to help others which I enjoy and they need. To return to flight simulation as soon as possible as that is a wonderful way of getting away from the day to day horrors of a public cover-up and share flying such as Dambuster Training missions. To do cross country flying in simple Cessna’s and Piper’s (with several others watching on and enjoying the flight!) or doing formation flying in Red Arrow or dogfighting in Spitfires & Messerschmitt’s, whilst others try to shoot one down. The idea would work particularly well on a cruise whip where other passengers are bored out of their brains and need something constructive and educational to do. It would also work in care homes and allow grounded aircrew to earn a living and contribute positively at many levels to society.

These are my hopes and plans.

But as my dear Mama frequently points out, all of this takes investment money and I really would ideally want others to invest in the Aerotoxic Association but also to my hopes for the future. At the core, who else is going to help those million people in Europe who are sick from flying, but don’t know why?

So if there is anyone out there reading this who thinks that they may want to invest in the Aerotoxic Association which presently has a negative bank balance of about £30 but has the potential to be a money-spinner. Additionally, I would be more than happy to explain the company’s history of the past 12 years and the publicly available accounts can be seen online at Companies House.

There is also an opportunity to invest in the 2020 Phoenix of Sim-Fly Norfolk, but as I’ve moved to the continent due to Brexit, I suspect it would work far better in The Netherlands where there seems to be a more commercial ‘Can Do’ attitude amongst these fantastic people and where my family originated from 400 years ago as ‘strangers’ to the U.K.

As no one would publish my book in 2014, I co-founded Pilot Press with my flying instructor friend who taught me to fly in 1976/7 Peter Lawton and who also spent many years aerial crop spraying using organophosphates (OPs), whilst also knowing exactly how dangerous they are.

I even have a reference in my diary of 13th May 1980 of being pre-tested for OP exposure by having a blood test and my pupils being photographed, when attending my first ever professional medical by a CAA doctor. Who now claims, forty years later, that somehow exposure to OPs is not a risk or dangerous in small doses. Really? As the Aerial Spraying Operations Manual of Howard Avis Aviation of 1980 still states the complete opposite – that any exposure to small amounts may be fatal.

I would go onto introducing aerial firefighting in South Australia, which is now a multi-million dollar industry and then fly DC3 Dakotas around Europe at night and day. I was also involved in the Piper Alpha and Ocean Odyssey oil rig disasters and have some excellent photos and film of my colourful flying career before getting sucked into the apparent safety of airline flying – which the public is led to believe is 100% safe, which would finally end my flying career prematurely and chaotically in 2005 and millions of other unsuspecting innocent aircrew. This was all summarised in A Tale of Two Ag Pilots with Peter, a skilled Toastmaster, yet the specialist publishing company was also doomed to fail in a climate of cover-up and silence.

Ironically, the Strangers left the low countries centuries ago to help the Anglo Saxons and created great wealth by draining the fens, making sophisticated textiles out of raw materials and bringing their commercial skills to play. Even Norwich City football club is now completely staffed and managed by continentals, as money is the key to sport but little do they know the effects of regular flying even on millionaires, who are as equally as affected as anyone else.

The modern-day fact is that I stumbled across an inconvenient health scandal 13 years ago and history will record how it will be finally solved, but I’ve done my personal best with the limited resources I have had to play my part and do my public duty to fix it.

If the government now offered me a few million dollars of bribe money, it would be tempting –  but I’d rather be able to continue to sleep well at night…I only wanted to fly aeroplanes!

John Hoyte

Former BAe 146 Training Captain
Chairman & Founder Aerotoxic Association

December 2019