BBC Letter from The Aerotoxic Association Charity – 10 February 2020


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Ref: Aerotoxic Syndrome

Dear Sir or Madam,                                                                                   10 February 2020

I am writing to you concerning the 12-year BBC public cover-up of Aerotoxic Syndrome.

On 21st April 2008 BBC Panorama broadcast ‘Something in the air’ a 30 minute programme which featured Norfolk based BAe 146 pilot Captain Julian Soddy of BALPA (British Airline Pilot Association) and British passengers including children as representatives of a group of around 40 passengers from flight XLA 120 on 1st February 2007 whose health had all been seriously affected by repeated and one-off exposures to toxic cabin air. (See ‘Great Victory’ legal article.)

As the soon to be recognised term of Aerotoxic Syndrome, which was first defined in 1999 after a decade of research by a US doctor and scientists from France & Australia, was deliberately omitted from the Panorama programme. The date of 21st April 2008 can be taken as the formal start of a general BBC cover-up about a known cause of mass chronic public ill health.

The BBC cover-up has had a profoundly bad effect both on my company the Aerotoxic Association Ltd. which was founded on 19th March 2007 but more seriously, the health and well-being of the flying British public who pay their BBC licence fees. The Aerotoxic ‘cover-up’ was formally identified by Christopher Booker in The Daily Telegraph on 24th June 2007. (See: Pilots disabled by poisoned air article.)  

Due to the BBC’s (specifically BBC Norfolk) deliberate policy of ignoring all previous Aerotoxic Association media releases & scientific evidence since 2013; along with a 5 year lack of acknowledgement of formal correspondence from Norwich South MP Clive Lewis I relocated my company to the European continent on 25th September 2019.
(See: Example Media Release Part 7).

The Aerotoxic Association Ltd. company will now prosper as the known international solutions are commercially available and further European continental research into aerotoxic syndrome is progressing rapidly and continues post Brexit.

We all have a public duty to expose known public criminal wrong doing and I am writing to you now as BBC Radio 4 ‘File on 4’ are allegedly preparing a latest update for the public about Toxic Cabin Air on 25th February 2020 and it would appear reasonable for the BBC to inform the British public of the final outcome of the ‘Great Victory’ legal case of the ‘Aerotoxic poisoning’ of flight XLA 120, as claimed by passengers specialist aviation lawyers.

The BBC journalists most familiar with this story are Carole Walker, Robby West & Melissa Rudd.

I am writing to confirm that both I and my Aerotoxic spokesman Norfolk based Captain Peter Lawton are freely available to be interviewed live on national BBC and Radio Norfolk or Look East for no fee, along with other UK experts about the developing story of Aerotoxic Syndrome.

We look forward to your early response on this hidden H&S matter, which should be in the public interest and by e mail only please.

Yours faithfully,

John Hoyte
Chairman & Founder Aerotoxic Association
Former BAe 146 Training Captain

Cc Lady Mar
      Professor/Dr Ian Gibson Co Director Aerotoxic Association Ltd.
      Captain Peter Lawton

Encs: Daily Telegraph article – 24.06.07
           Stewarts Law XLA flight 120 Aerotoxic Poisoning – 03.05.10
           Aerotoxic Association Ltd. Media Release 01.02.20

This letter was received by hand by the BBC Jane Le Grice at The Forum, Norwich on 10 February 2020.

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