BIG DAY TOMORROW – 14 years of media cover-up…

For the past 14 plus years we have been literally begging the media and especially the BBC to cover Aerotoxic Syndrome as a cause of mass public ill health, which has been well known to some since 1999, 2005 you pick the date it was first understood.

For me personally, it was 22nd May 2006, that’s the day I worked it out and the reasoning has been presented in books since 2014 but on TV,  Conferences – it’s been covered but the mass poisoning still goes on as if no one cares…Gas chambers, no other words describe it.

How do they get away with something which has become normal over 100 years?

But now of course everyone knows that the airline industry plus many other industries are being destroyed by a so-called ‘pandemic’, but one that everyone can discuss openly – not a covered up pandemic.

But the Aerotoxic Pandemic of 100 years MUST be solved BEFORE flying recommenced as it’s killing many more than any virus.

So by the end of Friday 18th June 2021 – by using legal means – this public COVER-UP will have been exposed, or begun anyway – as full exposure will take more than a day…

But when a Crime has been knowingly taken place for at least the last 20 years – it becomes a public duty to stop it.

So the Thames Valley Police have been informed using Crime # IMC 2021 0409/1038 since 9th April 2021 and updated.

Any criminal action must be resolved in a public Court.

To understand what has happened in the past 14 months – read my latest book “Aerotoxic Pandemic – A Poisoning – My Part in its Establishment” because that’s only up until 18th June 2021.

There’s more BLOGS to come…

Come on MEDIA do your jobs.

But the MOST worst part is working with those on one’s own side – who take dirty money – yuk…Embarrassing.

£75,000 prize value available…..tomorrow! for anyone who finds ANY evidence in the past 100 years!!


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