As a career professional pilot, I first became aware of Aerotoxic Syndrome (AS) in early 2006 soon after I had had to retire prematurely at the age of 49 from being an airline pilot for 16 years.

I had experienced a variety of severe neurological symptoms for 15 of those years and I was disturbed to find out that the illness had already been well known about as a US Doctor, a French forensic scientist and an Australian toxicologist had first published their peer reviewed paper on 20 October 1999 and many other scientific papers have been published since, as the public’s health is traded for profit by certain people.

Because AS involves huge amounts of money, the public illness has been covered up by successive governments around the world as they put the health and wellbeing of industry ahead of public health.

I have run Aerotoxic Association Ltd (not for profit) and invested around £250K since 2007 but I realised in recent times that I had become very familiar with most of the known and available lucrative solutions. That’s why I founded the company in 2021 and now it’s overdue to focus on helping the public with known solutions whilst others continue to argue over the illness’s existence. We never argue over whether the public illness exists or not, just concentrate on the known solutions.

ASC is for profit, as we need key people who are used to dealing with money, but the overwhelming requirement must always be that anyone involved must always put public health first, as is frequently claimed by governments.

The known solutions are Medical, Technical, Occupational health, ‘Further Research’ and Legal – but the common theme throughout is aviation – so a keen interest for those who have a love of flying would be a definite advantage, as I wish to return to flying in the future, mostly.

One of the challenges is that few people – even in flying are aware of this covered up public disease, but this will soon change, as there are 260 UK Unite the Union public court cases waiting to be heard from March 2022 onwards – these legal cases have built up steadily over the past 5 years and have been delayed by Covid 19 but are now waiting to be judged.

Few doubt the outcome of eventual formal global disease recognition with other developed countries in similar situations and isolated public court wins which began in the High Court of Australia with Turner v’s East West Airlines on 3 September 2010 after a ‘fume event’ 18 years earlier.

But we know from published parliamentary evidence and a 2008 BBC Panorama  that large (40) groups of passengers (including young children) on a single flight can also be affected and there are around 1,000,000 aircrew and frequent flyers with AS in Europe alone – an attractive business proposition therefore – for the right sort of people to help those who have been injured and their journey to enlightenment and recovery.

Shropshire has been a special county for me since the 1980’s when I was an aerial spraying pilot. Salop is a friendly, ‘Can Do’ place where the people care for one another and the right business mix exists for a Darwin style of new company where money is a by-product, not the aim.

It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change”.

Any new business is as good as the people in it and whilst I am mostly qualified to fly aeroplanes which includes forward thinking, tough decision making and creativity – I need others on board who relish change, know clever stuff and have the vision of helping others, always knowing that anything is possible.

John Hoyte
3 March 2022