4 March 2022

Open communication

To whom it may concern,

Exactly forty years after I first relocated from Norfolk to Shropshire and now I am preparing to return to live and work in Shropshire for a third and final time on Saturday 5 March 2022. I had a partially successful trial run 12 months ago.


Since the spring of 1990, my life has been defined by being made invisibly ill from flying the BAe 146 jet, like countless other aircrew and passengers around the world whose health has been adversely affected by a known, fundamental design flaw of most jet aircraft of continuing to use contaminated (mostly with carbon monoxide) ‘bleed air’ to ventilate the cabin with toxic air sensors which are deliberately not fitted.

On 10 January 2022 I signed a formally witnessed Statement, which can be found on www.aerotoxic.org along with other global dated evidence for any public court to consider. As 260 overdue Unite the Union Toxic Cabin Air legal cases are about to be judged in London, imminently – which most would agree is of public interest.

I now have the choice of making my return to Shropshire fully public and share my story to date or go as quietly as possible back to Shropshire to pursue my general flying interests, which includes resolving the cabin air problem with known solutions and responsible public authorities including the Police, CAA and BBC.

But my future actions will be based on how the UK government deals with this situation, as to date – they have not responded appropriately. Aerotoxicity has become defined by money – nothing to do with science nor medicine.

Many people have become aware over the years of my involvement with this systematically covered-up danger of flying from toxic cabin air exposure, which has been well known about and documented since 1955 with a brief BBC Panorama report of 2008 to the UK public.

It is reasoned that it may not now be in the public interest to know the full extent of this covered-up cause of mass public poisoning, which can affect anyone who flies because the world has suddenly become a very unstable state, but public health is always the priority and must now be addressed.

However, I do have a public duty to Her Majesty the Queen to share my expert knowledge, experience and evidence with others to eventually resolve this known H&S issue for future generations and that is what I will do in Shropshire – either with full publicity of my story or more behind the scenes, with outside help and on agreed terms.

John Hoyte

Former BAe 146 Training Captain
Aerotoxic Solutions Consultancy Ltd.

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