Blog 3: Draft Book Edit Received

A significant day today, as my dictated, chaotic English of my fourth book is edited, bashed, and returned in hopefully perfect shape from my dear editor.
Most professional pilots become pretty good at flying yet, yet fail miserably at reporting evidence to others in plain words.
But now my personal mishmash of the past fourteen months should be in the best English with perfect punctuation and ready for others to try and work out what the hell’s been going on?
When I left school, I had only scraped through my exams with minimum grades, having infuriatingly always put 100% effort in. But as soon as I took any flying exams, I still always put in full effort, but always passed easily – even the dreaded first ‘Instrument Rating’ test which every commercial pilot has to pass to show that they can operate in all weathers.
So when it came to writing seriously about Aerotoxic Syndrome in 2013 – 6 years after sworn Statements to doctors, Public divorce Courts, and politicians – I decided the only way was to engage and pay other experts and so I hired a ghostwriter at the vast expense as they know exactly how to put the information across – professionally.
And when Philip Whitely read the evidence in 2013 – he quickly became so concerned at what he’d discovered that he decided to write his own private ‘Dossier’ and sent it to his professional Organization – The Chartered Management Institute and other key public authorities in the UK – who promptly also ignored his dossier.
I wasn’t overly happy with the way Philip had told my simple story chronologically from beginning to end so then asked Norwich Editor Susan Curran (RIP) to include many other Aerotoxic survivors, which she did – all in record time.
Looking back, I think my next book of 1921- 202? is the more easily understood way of presenting the final chapter before I retire from this unscientific madness on 19th June 2021.
Over the past 15 years, it’s turned from a ridiculous battle of words to a war of money where one side outguns the other with big bucks.
But at least one can record that all easily now in a book and that exactly what my fourth book covers – the cheating, the lies, the plane stupidity of mass poisoning people, whilst pretending that it’s not happening… Emperor’s clothes syndrome.
Having used fairly normal, responsible words for the past 16 years since I discovered a mass cause of public ill-health on 22nd May 2006. I’ve decided to change the tempo of the language a lot too, to try and upset a few people maybe – but that’s what happens in a war of words.
I will be using the sinister expression of ‘Gas Chambers’ in my new book, just as I inadvertently called the BAe 146 jets which had poisoned me and countless others for 16 years I’d been flying in a dubbed Channel 4 News interview of me in June 2006.

A Gas Chamber is simply an enclosed space into which toxic gas is deliberately pumped to cause harm to the occupants – what is the difference? That’s what has been happening in most jet planes for the past 70 years now.
By the way – if you wanted to watch exactly what Ch4 ‘News’reportedaboutthe public poisoning back in 1998 watch this:

was like a flying zombie at the time, still with seven years of chronic neurological ill health to go until I would ‘fail safe’ in mid-2005.
Do you trust the Establishment media ‘balance’ – about anything?
But the key part of today’s draft book is that it is only 90% finished as the next 16 days until 18th June 2021 will record what actually happened and when.
The ending hasn’t happened quite yet, but it’s begun – as yesterday I went to a Food Bank where you can take all you want for nothing – that’s what happens when you’re wondering how you’ll pay the Editor for her work so far. But most people must think this is all fiction. I wish it was…

But today please accept my first book for FREE – it was written by ‘experts who believe every word. I recall Professor David Coggon, the past Chair of the Committee on Toxicity (COT) ‘Peer Reviewing’ my layman’s book at the time and the only comment Professor Coggon could make was that Philip and Susan had written ‘Of’ instead of ‘On’ in COT. That is true!

That ‘n’&‘f’error must be one of the reasons why my first book failed and why a good Editor is so very important now – That’s why the Go Fund Me Crowdfunding is needed – to pay her.
Meanwhile, Professor Coggon is STILL diagnosing Aerotoxic injured professional aircrew – now, today – with the so-called ‘Nocebo’ effect (your illness is all in your head)…which will be also explained in my next book.

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