14th Anniversary Aerotoxic Association Virtual Fume Event

18th June 2021

As a pilot I was badly affected by bleed-air fumes and the only official advice I could find was the NHS Care Pathway in patients exposed to fumes onboard commercial aircraft.  Unsatisfied with the idea my suffering was caused by nocebo or some other negative state of mind suggested in this advice, I founded the Aerotoxic Association to investigate this on-going illness that is occurring amongst many passengers and crew.

On 6th November 2007, I assured Professor Helen Muir (1946-2010 – RIP) how easy it would be to stage such an oil fume event on the ground for convenience – see attached link to email correspondence.

Much of my disquiet was confirmed by a group of sick passengers and aircrew by Jeremy Vine in the BBC Panorama’s Something In The Air (2008).

Fume Event Demonstration

In 2008, I invited around 100 key aviation and public health parties to witness an oil ‘Fume Event’ that would fill the cockpit and cabin with visible oil fumes by using the Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) of a BAe 146 – a regular and predictable occurrence. However, due to the impossibility that government or airlines would allow this to happen, the 2008 invitation never materialised.

The purpose of this invitation was to primarily witness the generation of a visible, similar oil fume event and review film of actual past oil fume events.

  • Read Testimonies of the past describing the acute and chronic effects of fumes on passengers and professional aircrew.
  • Confirm the theory that the identified toxic fumes of 2011 could have the doses published – if there was a will to do so, in the public interest.
  • And finally, to discuss the likelihood and logic of an unrehearsed fume event in the future causing a Nocebo type of reaction in unsuspecting public flyers.