How good is an independent UK journalist, Xxx, who is already well familiar with the Aerotoxic ‘Story’?

Saturday 4 April 2020 PM

Q. Xxx, Are you still looking for good stories? John

A. yes thanks John. Hope you and yours are OK

Q. I’m OK thanks and i’m glad you are too. I’ve been evacuated to the country so just like WW2! Did you get a chance to read the Booker article above from 2007? (sent  on 8 January 2020)

A. Yes.

Ah back in Blighty. And everyone is wearing masks now. I have heard some horror stories about how different airlines treated their crew through this crisis

Q. Yes I’m back due to you know what, but on my 5 month time in Europe got all the hot poop. So I’m still dealing with the horror story of Aerotoxic and got a second book about to be published etc but it’s the Cover-up I’m interested in. Do you know how many of the public have AS in Europe alone as I’ve got a published paper which gives numbers. Guess how many? D

A. No idea? Is the research by Dr Mulder?

Q. Well the UK # is in the Booker article from 2007 and the ‘new’ # from Dr Mulder 2017 – check the 2007 number and then i’ll send the paper and latest Europe estimate…OK?

A. Can’t read bookers article as I’ve got my telegraph limit but I do remember it and can’t recall a number for passengers with as

Q. I’ll send it as i’ve got it in Word, have i got your e mail?

Found it and sent 2 – let me know the # of passengers….

No reply…

Sunday 5 April 2020

OK XXX, Time up did you find that figure as here is the news from the US and i know how the case ended up, can you let me know if you can cover as i’ve got another person in mind Thanks. John

Still no reply…

Answers: 197,000 UK passengers a year from UCL Booker article in 2007.

1,000,000 frequent flyers & aircrews in Europe 2017. (34,000 in The Netherlands).

How would YOU deal with these ‘journalists’?

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