MEDIA RELEASE – 30 April 2020

For immediate release.

With most planes grounded due to Covd-19, there has never been a better opportunity to fit the known and available solutions for the causes of Aerotoxic Syndrome, in the public interest.

New published book:

“How Planes Poison You! Aerotoxic Syndrome: Aviation’s Dirtiest Cover-up”

By John Hoyte & Brett Preiss.

Airlines and Governments have long claimed that there is no positive evidence of Aerotoxic Syndrome, but a new published book exposes their unlikely story out of the air by revealing detailed black and white BBC evidence of mass passenger injury from single ‘fume event’ flights, which have been lightly covered and reported over 13 years by the BBC.

Aerotoxic Syndrome was first named in 1999 by a US doctor with scientists from France and Australia, but there is ‘new’ compelling evidence of over 1,000,000 frequent flyers and aircrew with the hidden disease in Europe alone from a published Dutch survey.

The book raises the public interest question of how did the legal case of a large group of UK passengers (including children) who were poisoned on 1 February 2007 and whose legal case was revealed to the public by BBC Panorama in 2008, finally end?

It also examines the evidence of a 5 August 2019 typical ‘fume event’ accident flight, where the injured passengers again reported to the BBC their life changing experience, but also their determination to also get compensation for their personal injuries.

But what is the bigger picture of this invisible six decade long public ill health taboo story?

Why would a group of international professional aircrew and Unions hold 13 annual Cabin Air Global Cabin Air Quality Executive (GCAQE) conferences since 2006, if there was no evidence of chronic ill health, as claimed by airlines, manufacturers and governments?

While acute ill health for passenger and aircrew ‘patients’ is now finally accepted by the UK Civil Aviation Authority.

Why do BALPA (British Airline Pilot Association) continue to mislead its members after reaching compelling conclusions at their international London Cabin Air conference of 2005?

This evidence and many other examples are explained in this revealing insight into a six decade long dirty secret of aviation with an earlier evidence based MEDIA RELEASE of 21st April 2020 from the Aerotoxic Association.

But fundamental questions are also raised, which are of public interest to anyone who flies in unfiltered and unmonitored ‘bleed air’ jets which have a 1960’s fundamental design flaw. As the Boeing 787 Dreamliner architecture redesign continues to prevent further poisoning, but is still little understood, even by those who fly in this revolutionary jet plane.

On 31st January 2020 John Hoyte, Chairman of the Aerotoxic Association Charity and former BAe 146 Training Captain was elected to present areas for more research at the first EASA (European Union Aviation Safety Agency) Cabin Air workshop at Cologne HQ, Germany for some of the 1.5 million Euros available for ‘Further Research’ into Aerotoxic Syndrome and the accepted and now available, solutions.

Captain Hoyte of Aerotoxic Association Charity presenting areas of ‘Further research’ for some of 1.5 million Euros to other Associations/Unions, Airlines, Manufacturers, Researchers & Regulators at EASA’s first Cabin Air workshop in Cologne on 31.1.20 (Photo credit: Capt. Tristan Loraine of GCAQE)

But now with the Aerotoxic Association Charity being formally recognised by EASA and finally benefiting from government funding – the time to fit the three known and available technical solutions into the generally grounded planes is now; along with the formal recognition of an inconvenient cause of mass public illness.

A single book can never change a whole industry, but with many planes uniquely grounded due to Covid-19 and numerous passenger and aircrew legal cases in the US (Lawsuit against Boeing alleges ‘Dirty little secret’ on flight: Contaminated air’) and Europe, the book presents compelling new evidence to begin the free, open public debate on the BBC and other media into the known solutions, as a matter of public interest for all who fly, but primarily for our children.

John Hoyte & Australian but Amsterdam based co-author Brett Preiss are available at and media may request a FREE Amazon e book copy of our new book, to review new positive evidence, but on Thursday 30 April 2020, only.


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