Media Release: For Immediate publication. 21 April 2020

Do you have 44 seconds to watch a 21 April 2005 evidence of why 1,000,000 frequent flyers & aircrew are sick with Aerotoxic Syndrome in Europe?

Tuesday 21 April 2020 is the:

  1. 15 Anniversary of BALPA (British Airline Pilot Association) Cabin Air conference at Imperial College, London of 21 April 2005.

Watch a brief, 44 second BALPA evidence:

Watch a longer 13 minute BALPA evidence:

Read the 298 page 2005 published BALPA paper evidence:

  • 12 Anniversary of BBC Panorama ‘Something in the air’ featuring aerotoxic evidence, University College London & a group of UK passengers of 21st April 2008.

Watch a 30 minute BBC Panorama film evidence:

  • 5 Anniversary of Unite the Union’s Len McCluskey call for a Public Inquiry into evidence of Aerotoxic Syndrome with ITN Joel Hills of 21 April 2015.

Read & watch an ITN report of Unite Union:

Questions of Public interest on 21 April 2020 include:

  1. What is BALPA’s latest position on Cabin Air Quality & why?
  2. How & when did the BBC Panorama 20+ UK passenger (including children) group legal case conclude?
  3. What date will the Public Inquiry into Aerotoxic Syndrome be held?

Background evidence:

Aerotoxic Syndrome was first proposed in 1999 by a US Doctor and scientists from France & Australia after years of research to describe the human acute and chronic ill health caused by exposure to toxic oil fumes within the confined spaces of most jet planes, except for the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, in which the design flaw has been resolved by Boeing with different architecture.

With most jet planes grounded due to Covid19, now is a rare opportunity to fit the known and available technical solutions to ALL ‘Bleed air’ jet planes (except for the ‘Bleed Free’ Boeing 787) before mass flying begins again, based on the existing evidence and in the public interest.

Lo-cost British airline Easy jet are known to be trialling the known available solutions imminently and since 2016.

On 30/31 January 2020 EASA (European Union Aviation Safety Agency) hosted the first ever Cabin Air workshop at their Cologne HQ to fund 1.5 million Euros of ‘Further Research’ into the solutions for Cabin Air Quality (CAQ) and Aerotoxic Syndrome, which was first proposed in 1999.

Captain Hoyte was elected by other Associations/Unions to present their suggestions for ‘Further Research’ for 1.5 million Euros to: Boeing, Airbus, American Airlines, BA, Air France, Lufthansa, KLM, Alitalia, Tui Fly, Easy jet, Rolls Royce, Pratt & Whitney, Pall Aerospace, Honeywell etc

The Global Cabin Air Quality Executive (GCAQE) 2006 and other key European aircrew Unions and Associations had presented extensive evidence to the open EASA workshop over two days, both formally and informally.

The ‘Further Research’ suggestions from all four groups to EASA from Associations/Unions, Airlines, Manufacturers, & Researchers can be read here:

John Hoyte of Aerotoxic Association  presents at first Cabin Air workshop at EASA’s HQ in Cologne on 31.1.20  Photo credit: Captain Tristan Loraine, GCAQE.

Further information about the typical human ill health from accidents which are experienced by UK passengers (including children) can be read in this recent article by BBC Transport Correspondent Tom Burridge from 25 February 2020:

Fume events: The toxic gases that may be harming aircrew and passengers

And a recent BBC File on 4 ‘Something in the air?’ by Mike Powell also on 25 February 2020.

A typical oil fume event ‘accident’ flight here from 5 August 2019.

Read about a recent US Flight Attendant legal case settlement on 31 January 2020 here.

John Hoyte issued the following quote in addition to his formal Statement dated 21 April 2020, which is available at

“There are around 1,000,000 frequent flyers and aircrew with Aerotoxic Syndrome in Europe alone, with around 135,000 in the UK and 34,000 in The Netherlands according to a published, 2017 Dutch study. Today must be the right time to start the process of fitting the known and available technical solutions to planes grounded due to Covid19 – in order to prevent further cause of mass public ill health in the future, which must be in the flying public’s best interest.”

Former BAe 146 Training Captain John Hoyte of Aerotoxic Association Ltd The Charity (2007) has been working with GCAQE since 2006; Swiss based Aerotoxic Team since 2011, EASA since 2020 and with many other international groups towards genuine free, open public debate of the known and now available solutions to be researched and then urgently implemented, on the balance of probability.

Captain Hoyte has also issued a formal STATEMENT dated 21 April 2020 inviting members of the public to recognise and support the work of the Aerotoxic Association and Charity, which is believed to be in the public interest.

John Hoyte may be contacted at for further evidence and serious media enquiries only.

21 April 2020

21 April 2020 – is any of the above – positive evidence & in the public interest to know?


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