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The subject of aerotoxic syndrome continues to make headlines. Here is an archive of the coverage that has appeared in the press, along with other relevant pieces of information.

John Hoyte joins Lou Collins of Liberty Tactics to discuss his long battle with Aerotoxic Syndrome.

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A Dutch flight attendand wins her case over toxic cabin air and continues the fight.

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Private & In Confidence

Dear Sir Stephen,                            

I have had many communications with Dame Deidre Hutton over the past few years concerning Aerotoxic Syndrome, which was first discovered and published in 1999 by a US doctor, a French forensic scientist and an Australian Toxicologist.

As a BAe 146 pilot for 16 years (TNT & Flybe) I was one of the many badly affected aircrew, but since running the Aerotoxic Association for 14 years, I’ve met countless others.

As a military man, you will understand how ‘campaigns’ escalate into more serious showdowns and that’s where all of the public around the globe are now as a final piece of the jigsaw will be published imminently in Journal Science, which will mean this issue going from ‘No positive evidence’ to 100% – overnight.

I’ve got many links with national experts on both ‘sides’ since early 2006, when I first made my discovery and since I’ve become a reluctant expert in this issue but also pioneered Flight Simulator & Dog Fighting for public entertainment, so like you, I’m a dedicated pilot.

I regret to report that the usual response is a deafening silence or deleting all references to Toxic Cabin Air, which we’ve become well used to over the past decades and especially in the past 12 months for understandable reasons.

I would welcome a personal response before Friday 18th June @ 1200 BST, as we have a Virtual event planned, which I believe you should be aware of: as I’ve been in touch with Dr Nigel Dowdall already as a highly experienced and interested party.

As a matter of interest, I’ve recently relocated from Norwich to Oxford and already have many contacts at the University Neuro Science department who are keen to help, but it all seems to be controlled by money, but now the available and known solutions are here – it would appear good business sense to adopt them.

Between you and me I personally always want established, intelligent CRM HPL principles explored fully, before other tactics are employed out of sheer frustration, which I’m sure you’ll understand?

I look forwards to your contact, at your earliest convenience.

Many thanks.

Yours faithfully,

John Hoyte
Chairman Aerotoxic Association
Former BAe 146 Training Captain

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