OPEN COMMUNICATION to Norwich South Labour Party – Monday 16th November 2020

OPEN COMMUNICATION – Monday 16th November 2020

Dear Norwich South Labour party member,

I’m writing to let you know formally, as my nearest local Labour party contact, that last week I made a command, strategic decision to relocate the Aerotoxic Association Ltd. Charity to the European continent by the end of December 2020.

My sole reason for leaving the UK – again, is the continuing lack of any interest or any acknowledgement after more than 5 years of positive evidence by my Member of Parliament for Norwich South of Aerotoxic Syndrome/poisoning, which has been a known and scientifically published international cause of mass public serious ill health since October 1999.

After 14 years of knowledge of this issue, I am well aware of other similar H&S issues, but with a published 2017 Dutch estimate of 1,000,000 frequent flyers and aircrew with Aerotoxic Syndrome in Europe alone – I hope you can agree that I and many other professionals are keen to have this particular cause of a serious mass public illness recognised and the known solutions introduced now – urgently.

All European countries continue to work towards a resolution with many Aerotoxic experts are based in The Netherlands, whilst the UK fails.

My attention has been drawn recently to a 1998 Channel 4 News report or evidence which featured an unnamed BAe 146 Captain. I believe this gentleman may be another organophosphate (OP) survivor of BALPA (British Airline Pilot Association) who still may live in Norfolk, as unhealthy secrecy has been a recurring feature of this cover-up.

For the record, I was the anonymous, recently grounded BAe 146 pilot (I was technically still employed by my airline Flybe at the time, so I had to be unidentified with a dubbed voice) who was filmed by reporter Julian Rush for a yet another Channel 4 News poisoning report in June 2006 – I still have the blue checked shirt as evidence, plus the same hairy arms….

I have made this message an ‘OPEN COMMUNICATION’ because the content is now in the wider public interest, as the same government scientists and media (BBC) have been ‘managing’ the organophosphate poisoning public so-called ‘debate’ for decades, but are now also worryingly responsible for managing the relatively recent Covid-19 viral pandemic and therefore of interest to the public and global/social media.

I would be grateful if you would kindly acknowledge receipt of this open communication as dated evidence on behalf of my MP Clive Lewis at your earliest convenience; but please do let me know if you do not understand any part of it or require further explanation as we are all determined to get to the truth.

Many thanks.

Kind regards,


John Hoyte

Chairman Aerotoxic Association

Former BAe 146 Training Captain


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