$pent out, but unbowed – London Saturday June 18 2022 @ 1200 BST

After 15 years of trying to persuade over-funded government scientists and lawyers with overwhelming evidence of a still, little known cause of mass public ill-health we now prepare to mark 15 years of work on Saturday 18 June 2022 @ 1200 BST at the Houses of Parliament, London by publishing a new USA theory – Abstract of Aerotoxic Syndrome 2022 which was first published in 1999, but without any funds to do either future research or the solutions – in the public interest?

How can an airline training captain lose wife, house, car, and most possessions over 15 years and be reduced to investing over £300,000 and be reduced to minus £425.08 in my bank, with a £15 K overdraft, all funded by my old age pension?

By never signing a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA), which many aerotoxic injured aircrew normally do to 50/50 fund their future lives with amoral so-called ‘lawyers’.

Whilst many professional aircrews are reduced to poverty as their faith in ultimate justice, public health, and public interest never fails.

Our UK/USA ‘A Group’ splinter group of 18 months has reasoned that it is the deadly gas Carbon Monoxide (CO), a tiny molecule that is odorless (can’t smell it) invisible (can’t see it), and passes through most filters and is dangerous at anything above 9 parts per million.

And the giveaway is that there are NO $15 CO sensors or loggers in ANY multi-million-dollar public transport bleed air jets – which have generated unknown concentrations of CO, by design, since the 1950s.

Most other public confined spaces have CO sensors mandated to protect the public.

Maybe the key question: Why don’t ‘they’ believe anything professional aircrew report or do?

To prove that our theory is correct in the law requires private funding as governments prefer to fund the cover-up and most aircrew and scientists who know the truth are after 15 long years financially smashed and ruined.

But there is clean, honest money to be made from investing in future available, known solutions…

Your understanding of our now urgent request is appreciated to help fund our work in the week beginning Sunday 19 June 2022…

Thank you for your kind understanding and generosity of our work.

John Hoyte
Chairman Aerotoxic Association (2007) www.aerotoxic.org
Former BAe 146 Training Captain


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