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Red line ACTION day 21 July 2022

This message is written & published on the early morning of 21 July 2022 as a result of a possible government & media cover-up of two new published peer reviewed science papers on 8 & 14 July 2022 from public interest, which show that Carbon Monoxide may be a key chemical of concern with respect to Aerotoxic Syndrome (1999) and silence as a reply is not acceptable.

As words do not seem to mean anything about Aerotoxic Syndrome since 1999 – proportionate action is now required to ‘get attention’ in the spirit of Ghandi where no person is harmed or injured (unlike Aerotoxic) – but the public must be given the opportunity for open public debate about a known and published cause of mass public ill health.

This ACTION today is taken with a heavy heart – as it’s the result of the repeated, indifference from the UK government, Civil Aviation Authority for public health over many years.

Journalist Julian Rush of Channel 4 NEWS filmed me in Warwickshire in June 2006 and this evidence must become the platform for everything afterward as at the time I had a wife, a house, a car but over the last 16 years I have lost all and now mean to re-establish myself financially back to my peers, with outside public help with the known and available solutions and my two companies Aerotoxic Association Ltd – The Charity (2007) Not for profit + Aerotoxic Solutions Consultancy Ltd (2021) For profit.

Recently CH4 NEWS have offered to cover the two new reports a week ago on 14 July 2022 but has since failed to engage with many others after meeting in the House of Commons on this urgent matter of public health.

As our public servants, and politicians go off on a two-month recess today, this is the final chance for them to recognize this H&S issue which does now require urgent action, and my Shropshire South MP Philip Dunne is ideally placed to help in the future.

We all commend journalist Sue Austin of the Shropshire Star for having the courage to inform the public of the latest evidence of Carbon Monoxide on Monday 18 July 2022.

My son will be married at 1400 on Saturday 23 July 2022 – so again I have for the past few weeks laid down a paper trail of 4 witnessed Statements of Truth since 10 January 2022 and these are in various friends’ custody but especially my brother in law and these documents will be used in a public Court of law in the future.

I have the following referees – Prof/Dr Sarah Mackenzie Ross of UCL, David Learmount of Fight Global and Captain Julian Soddy, formerly of Balpa who have all been publicly involved with Aerotoxic matters for many decades already and will vouch for me – with many others around the world.

I also have run a small A Group of professionals since early 2021 who are all aware of my situation and will be named to the Police & authorities only.

As silence has been effectively used so far by the ‘other side’ – it is now felt appropriate to be SILENT from now on – as much evidence is already in the public domain at and at other sources – until in a public court judges the available evidence.

John Grahame Hoyte

Waterloo Hostel, Lambeth, London.

21st July 2022 @ 0722 local time

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