FREE 2nd Aerotoxic Workshop – Friday 19th March 2021

Was first published on 20th October 1999
by a US doctor, a French forensic scientist, and
an Australian toxicologist after years of research.

LHS Capt. Hoyte; with paper Dr Michaelis; with can Capt. Loraine; RHS Capt. Soddy
18th June 2007 Houses of Parliament, London launch of
Aerotoxic Association Ltd. Charity (2007)

Public Announcement:
The 2nd Aerotoxic Poisoning Workshop will be hosted by Capt. John Hoyte

FREE online with Zoom on
Friday 19th March 2021, from 1200 – late (UTC) in the public interest.
Listen live to some of the 1,000,000 guest Aerotoxic survivors from Europe alone (passengers & aircrews) uncensored, unedited Testimonies
& key aerotoxic poisoning subject matter experts
Dr Sarah Mackenzie Ross of UCL, Professor Jeremy Ramsden,
Dr Michel Mulder of The Netherlands,
Engineer Graeme Davidson, Dr Sarah Myhill & others.
The 1st Aerotoxic Poisoning Workshop was held at Cranfield University UK on
11th October 2011 h

To take part in this FREE Zoom Webinar in memory of BA pilot
Richard Mark Westgate who died 12.12.12 – please register for Workshop at:

Help expose the 15-year-old Aerotoxic Poisoning ‘Cover-up…’